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Wellbee’s is your one-stop SCD Store, committed to providing an outstanding selection of SCD approved foods.

We know from experience that if you are to stick to a healthy diet, it sure better taste delicious. We source the very best SCD ingredients and supplies, and also make our own line of baked goods that are overflowing with taste, quality, and healthfulness. Being on a healthy diet has never been this easy!

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About the Brand

You don’t need to be on the SCD diet to enjoy our foods! Our foods are enjoyed by non-restricted kids and adults alike who enjoy feeding their body with the most nutritious and delicious foods. My name is Rochel and I want to share my story. Diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2000, I found the SCD diet as the miracle I needed to reclaim my health. As we often see, life’s huge challenges can open a new and wonderful journey; which it did for me.

Our company, Wellbee’s was created during my journey. A journey that inspired me to find delicious, healthy snacks, that are safe for Crohn’s and suitable for the SCD diet. Being the foodie that I am, I knew I’d better recreate my favorite foods. I could not have been more fortunate to have been blessed with talent in cooking and baking, creating the very best creations that are better than any conventional foods. There’s nothing like a trusted family business. I am blessed with my wonderful family team: my devoted husband, David who oversees the warehouse, and my three darling children, Esther, Sima, and Joseph who are the backbones of


Are the almonds used in your almond flour pasteurized, fumigated with propylene oxide or heat steamed?
  • The almonds in Wellbee’s almond flour are NOT treated with any chemicals. To produce the flour, a natural brown skin almond is run through a blancher, which consists of nothing more than hot water/steam and rubberized rollers used to take the skin off the almond. The almonds then pass through a series of dryers to bring the moisture level back down and cool the almonds. They are then run through the grinders to produce the flour. That is it, no other “treatment” or processes are involved. Wellbee’s almond flour is GMO free.
I'm worried about cross contamination.
  • The plant is a strictly almond plant, so there is no risk of cross contamination from other nuts or allergens. The retail bags are packaged in Wellbee’s packing facility, where we package other tree nuts as well. No peanuts, soy, gluten.
What does SCD mean?
  • The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ is predicated on the understanding that Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and gluten therapy resistant Celiac are the consequence of an overgrowth and imbalance of intestinal microbial flora. By altering the nutrition we take in, we can affect the constitution of our intestinal flora, and bring it back into balance, healing our digestive tracts and restoring proper absorption.
How many stages are there in SCD?
  • There are a total of 5 stages in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Can I eat everything on the "legal" list right away?
  • It is imperative to follow the diet in stages. Begin the diet similar to how one would introduce foods to an infant just starting to eat solids. Jumping to advanced foods can inhibit healing and make one feel worse than before starting the diet. Give every stage sufficient time until you feel your body is liking the foods and is ready to continue. Introduce one new food at a time and give it at least 24 hours to determine whether you are ready for it and your body is liking it. The most important thing is to go slowly, adding new things gradually in small amounts and recording the results in a food diary. The stages below is just an example of how one should introduce foods on the diet, however, it may vary depending on one’s symptoms. Smaller frequent meals are always best for max absorbtion and digestion.