Wholesome Organic Sweeteners

Wholesome Organic Sweeteners

Our Mission:

To provide mindfully delicious choices for life’s sweet moments.

Real Taste.

We only produce and use real and recognizable ingredients. Nothing artificial. Our organic growing practices ensure that every drop, spoonful and snack tastes as it should.



Certified Products:

[toggles title=”Wholesome Organic Zero“]Wholesome ZeroSugar Organic Erythritol is the perfect sweetener for those living a healthy lifestyle. Zero is solely erythritol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is found in our bodies, as well as in fruits, vegetables and ever certain fermented foods like soy sauce. It is a perfect mild-tasting natural sweetener with Zero Calories. It has a glycemic index of zero, so it sweetens without adding calories or spiking blood sugar the way other sweeteners often do. Research indicates that for most people, it’s highly digestible! Zero is made from plants; it is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Wholesome ZeroSugar Organic Erythritol is also ketogenic or approved for keto diets given that it contains zero net carbs. Our 100% pure organic erythritol does not contain any fillers or hidden carbs so it has no impact on blood glucose levels. Keto dieters often prefer our clean ingredient statement.[/toggles]

[toggles title=”Wholesome Organic Stevia“]Say goodbye to the pink, blue and yellow packets! Wholesome Organic Stevia is the perfect natural replacement for artificial sweeteners. Wholesome Organic Stevia is great in beverages and sprinkled over cereal and fruit. It is a multi-purpose natural sweetener that is sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way! It is also calorie-free and has no glycemic impact which makes it perfect for those managing calories and blood sugar levels. Organic Stevia has no artificial fillers and is Certified Organic.

Wholesome Organic Stevia’s greatest quality is its taste – a unique blend of Organic Stevia and Organic Erythritol. This combination produces a smoother, more mellow taste compared to other products on the market. Try our delicious Organic Stevia recipes.[/toggles]


Wholesome's Core Values:

  • Quality: We produce quality, great tasting ingredients and products.
  • Choice: We are passionate about real alternatives for you and our planet.
  • Advocacy: Our ingredients are organic, natural, and “free-from” many unsavory ingredients because we believe in a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.
  • Pioneer: Our pioneering spirit enables us to be 1st-to-market with a range of quality, healthier sweet ingredients and candies.
  • Passion: We care for you, our farmers and suppliers, and for our planet through Fair Trade and empowerment initiatives.

Sweet is always better when it’s wholesome.

In 2001, we committed to this simple promise. And we’ve been pouring our hearts into it ever since—making organic, better-for-you products that sweeten moments for you as they sweeten lives for others.

The result? Wholesome sugars, honeys and treats that are more than delicious—they’re mindfully delicious. Here’s how we deliver on our promise to you.

True Choices.

We believe in giving you better choices. All of our products are non-GMO and free from harmful additives. And we are committed to creating even more gluten-free, allergy-friendly and better-for-you options that don’t sacrifice taste.

Promise for a Better World.

We couldn’t bring you mindfully delicious treats without our farmers and beekeepers. So we worked to ensure they get a fair price for their crops and pioneered sustainably grown and responsibly harvested standards for sugar and honey. Some consider this Fair Trade. We simply consider it fair. Because it truly empowers our partners with life-changing resources to help their communities—from building schools for kids to making sure families can get the medical care they need.

Real taste. Better-for-you choices. A more responsible way of working. These are the things that make our products mindfully delicious. Join us to make life a little sweeter for all.

Wholesome Organic Stevia - Wholesome Foods - KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: Organic Erythritol, Organic Stevia Extract (Stevia Rebaudiana), Natural Flavors
Wholesome Organic Zero - Wholesome Sweeteners - KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: Organic Erythritol

At Wholesome, we recognize the importance of having someone there to immediately respond to inquiries, help with orders, find local retail locations or at a minimum, get back to you with the information as soon as possible.

Many answers can be found in our Knowledge Base of FAQs. If you are interested in having Wholesome sponsor or donate to your upcoming event, visit our Community Involvement Page.  If you are wondering how to purchase our products, you may want to visit our online store, or for larger wholesale and export information, check out our How-to-Buy page.

You can reach Wholesome Customer Service during regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST via 1-800-680-1896 or send us a message through our contact form here.

Mailing Address:

One Sugar Creek Center Blvd.
Suite 500
Sugar Land, Texas 77478


Apple Chai Tea

Avocado Lime Tart

Avocado Smoothie

Chocolate Mint Coffee Frappe

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Keto Paleo Iced Dirty Chai

Almond Pecan Coconut Clusters

Keto Avocado Walnut Brownies

Keto Chocolate Truffles

Keto Cracker Toffee

Keto Sushi Bowl On Cauliflower Rice

Keto Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bacon Skewers


No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars

No-Bake Cookie Dough Bars

Peach Lemonade

Skinny Pineapple Sweet Tea


Stevia Strawberry Limeade

Turmeric & Chamomile Tea

Keto Orange Raspberry Almond Muffins

No-Bake Stevia Chocolate Date Brownies

Strawberries And Cream Frappe With Whipped Coconut Cream

Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia Help You Lose Weight?

Answer: When used as part of a balanced diet and exercise regimen Wholesome! Organic Stevia may help you lose weight because it contains no calories.

Are There Recipes That Call For Wholesome! Organic Stevia On Your Website?

Answer: Yes. We have some delicious recipes that use Organic Stevia. Organic Stevia recipes can be found on our website.

Does Wholesome! Zero Pass Through Your Body Without Being Absorbed?

Answer: Wholesome! Zero is made up of very small molecules … it is not metabolized, but is absorbed by the kidneys and nearly 96% of it passes through unchanged, the remaining 4% passes through the lower intestine also unchanged. So really, it sweetens gently then goes completely away.

Does Wholesome! Zero Cause Gassiness, Bloating, Or Digestive Disorders?

Answer: Any sugar alcohol can have the potential of causing these symptoms if consumed in excess. Of the sugar alcohols on the market, erythritol is one of the least likely to cause these types of problems, but like all sweeteners, we do recommend that it be used in moderation.

Does Wholesome! Zero Lose It’s Sweetness When Boiled?

Answer: No, it does not.

How Much Sugar Does It Take To Make 1 Pound Of Zero?

Answer: It takes about 2 pounds of sugar to produce 1 pound of Wholesome! Zero.

Is Wholesome! Zero A Vegan Product?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia Kosher?

Answer: Yes. Wholesome! Organic Stevia is Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. It is also USDA Organically Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-free and Vegan.

Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia Have A Bitter Aftertaste?

Answer: In blind taste tests, Wholesome! Organic Stevia proved to be, hands down, the best tasting stevia of all the products on the market. Our Organic Stevia locks in the sweetness and eliminates the bitter aftertaste found in many other Stevia products.

Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia Safe For Diabetics?

Answer: We recommend that anyone with a serious health condition consult with their healthcare professional before using any sweetener. Wholesome! Organic Stevia has a 0 glycemic index and does not affect blood glucose levels.

How Is Organic Stevia Zero Calories If You Add Inulin?

Answer: Technically, Agave Inulin does have a caloric value, as it is a dietary fiber and as such, our bodies can’t metabolize it. It passes through our stomach and into our large intestine. The Inulin has the added benefit of acting as a prebiotic in the intestine.

How Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia Processed?

Answer: Wholesome! Organic Stevia is an enzymatically enhanced full spectrum Stevia leaf extract. We intentionally utilize the full spectrum extraction of sweetness from the whole stevia leaf in order to retain the micronutrient properties of stevia. Extracting only the Reb-A eliminates all of the other herbal benefits stevia can provide. Our Organic Stevia is a full-spectrum extraction of the whole leaf, not just another Reb A-type stevia product, which means the micronutrients found in the Dulcosides or Reb-D remain. Reb-D, which contains the micronutrients and the bitter note, is removed from many other Stevia products. The natural process used in the production of Wholesome! Organic Stevia improves the stevia’s flavor, eliminating the bitter note common in many stevia products.

How Do You Store Wholesome! Organic Stevia? What Is Its Shelf Life?

Answer: Store Wholesome! Organic Stevia it in a cool, dry and dark environment preferably in a tightly sealed container. If stored properly our Wholesome! has a 3-year shelf life. Although, it tastes so good we doubt it will last that long!

Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia Come In A Liquid Form?

Answer: No, not at this time.

How Do You Use Wholesome! Organic Stevia? Can I Bake With It? If So, What Is The Measurement In Baking When Substituting Sugar With Stevia? Can You Cook With It?

Answer: Wholesome! Organic Stevia is both pH and temperature stable, making it ideal for use in many foods and beverages. Based on its heat stability, Stevia can be used in most cooking or baking. Every 1/4 teaspoon of Wholesome Organic Stevia is equal to two teaspoons of sugar. You may choose to substitute only half the sugar in your recipe with Wholesome! Organic Stevia, which will give you a baked good just as sweet as the original recipe. Reduce your baking time when adding Wholesome! Organic Stevia to your recipe. The addition of Organic Stevia may speed up the caramelization of the crust during baking, giving your baked goods a crunchy brown crust in a shorter amount of time. Do not adjust baking temperature. Organic Stevia is suitable for baking yeast breads or other leavened baked goods. However, it may also change the texture of baked goods, so please, as always, give recipes a couple of test runs, making modifications as needed.

What Is The Glycemic Index For Wholesome! Organic Stevia?

Answer: Zero. Organic Stevia has no glycemic index and Organic Blue Agave Inulin is a dietary fiber, which is not metabolized by the body. Organic Blue Agave Inulin does not impact glucose levels the way that other carbohydrates do.

Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia Approved By The FDA As A Sweetener?

Answer: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Stevia for distribution as a food sweetener in the United States in 2008. Wholesome! Organic Stevia is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS approved) by the FDA.

For Grocery Retailers & Co-Ops:

If you want numerous cases or a mixed pallet of our products, you will likely purchase from one of our retail distributors such as UNFI or Kehe.  Large retailers may want to purchase directly from us.  Our Customer Service and Sales team will be happy to help you. 

Wholesome Customer Service:  1-800-680-1896

For Food And Beverage Manufacturers:

If you plan to order our sweet ingredients in industrial sized totes, drums, or by the truckload, our Industrial Sales Manager can provide a competitive quote for you.  Please call us for more information: 1-800-680-1896, or use our “Contact Us” form online.

For Restaurants, Cafes, Hospitals, Schools, And Other Foodservice Operators:

Many of our offerings are available through numerous Foodservice distributors throughout the USA.  You can contact our Customer Service team or our Foodservice Sales Manager, Daniel Davis, at Daniel@WholesomeSweet.com for more information on a distributor near you.

For International Exports:

If you would like to import cases or pallets of Wholesome products into countries outside of the USA and Canada, the Wholesome brand is exported through Grovara LLC.

You may also be able to ship individual products to other countries from iHerb.com as they have a specialty in international consumer shipments.

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About Us : 

Established in 2010, The Paleo Foundation was first organized for the purpose of improving the tolerability of the paleo diet, and to help adherents easily identify products that met its basic tenets.  Since then, thousands of products have been certified through the Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and lab -tested Grain-Free Gluten-Free certification programs.



100% of  Paleo Foundation revenue is generated through certifications.  We do not accept donations, corporate sponsorships, or financially benefit from the sales of any certified products, product giveaways, or partnerships with industry contacts or retailers for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of an impartial certification standard. 

Certified Paleo logo Certified Paleo:

Each certification program has a different set of standards.  Certified Paleo is the Paleo Foundation’s first, most popular, and highest level of certification for Paleo-compliant products.  Certified Paleo Products are products that contain Paleo ingredients, but may have some 21st-century processing or packaging methods allowing for shelf stability.


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Grain Free Gluten Free Certified products are gluten-free and do not contain any grains of gliadin competitive residues.  All Grain-Free Gluten-Free products have undergone two rounds of audits, including lab tests, and a final review to become approved for the Grain-free Gluten-free Certified Program. 



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The ketogenic diet is a restrictive, demanding diet that can be difficult to maintain, and tolerability of the ketogenic diet is the single most important factor limiting individual acceptance for initiation.  Therefore, improving the tolerability of the ketogenic diet is crucial to preventing diet discontinuation, warranting further investigation into methods for improving palatability, improving the availability and convenience of foods that are compliant with the ketogenic diet, as well as addressing cultural and social acceptance.

The Keto Diet product market may be in a unique position to improve tolerability, especially in social and cultural environments that typically feature carbohydrate-rich “special occasion” types of foods. In 2016, the Paleo Foundation launched the world's first Keto Certified program for products with standards that were developed for adherence to a classical ketogenic diet.