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Baked to ship, Yez! Artisan Keto Bread will help you to stay on track while giving you endless possibilities creating easy keto snacks.

Our artisan bread is the only one in the category that tastes like rustic, full grain bread, without the grains, gluten, soy, or preservatives. We believe products should be what they say they are. We believe in simple ingredients. No “proprietary blends”, no highly processed fibers, additives or fillers.

About the Brand

Yez! Foods, LLC was created because there was nothing on the market that satisfied our cravings for carbs. After countless hours and tirelessly perfecting our recipes, we finally created our product line which feature substitutes for all your favorites: cookies, bread and crackers. Not only this but we are committed to have an eco-friendly company that incorporates all of our values and more.

Snacks are perfect to savor, but many can contain unhealthy elements and modified ingredients. Proving that superior savory snacks don’t have to sacrifice on a splendid taste to be healthy, Yez! Foods is a Californian artisanal bakery making a difference. Yez! Foods is compliant with keto, gluten free, paleo & grain free diets. Yez! also has options for our vegan friends! No matter what the diet, we can help you commit to a healthier lifestyle! Collaboration of passionate people with diverse backgrounds – neurology, business and love for healthy, good tasting food. Yez! Foods, LLC is a startup focused on all natural, nutritional foods your body needs while resolving one of the biggest obstacles – keeping it tasty and satisfying just like the foods you used to crave.

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Is Yez! Foods eco-friendly?

Yez! has changed out all packing materials to recyclable eco-friendly products – from shipping ‘popcorn’ to boxes and labels.

What’s the difference between keto and paleo diet?

The Keto diet emphasis a much higher fat diet. Depending on the type of keto diet you do, you can eat dairy (high fat, non-processed), track your daily intake of carbs to make sure they stay low<. On the contrary, Paleo is based more on eating like our caveman ancestors. Focused on eating lots of vegetables and high protein meats. On Paleo, you can eat sweet potatoes, plantains, etc and high sugar fruits like bananas, peaches and grapes./big>

What products are keto certified?

Our bread is keto and paleo certified.

Can I buy products online?

Yes! We make it accessible to order online here.

Is your bread loaf gluten free?