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You Are Loved Foods Monk Fruit Zero Calorie Sweetener

You Are Loved

Our food is designed to be gentle on the system. We use ingredients that metabolize and digest gently and slowly. With just enough protein and fiber so your body burns what it eats.

Our chocolate is 1/3 the fat and ½ the calories of most leading chocolates, even dark chocolates. We use no grains or starches (no wheat, rice, oats, barley or corn), so everything is naturally gluten free, free of GMOs, soy and protein isolates. And all our products have less than 1 gram of sugar and less than 4 grams net carbs per serving. Our chocolate truffles are about 47 calories a piece. We use no nasty ‘tols (no xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol, maltitol or malto dextrin).

About the Brand

I started experimenting using Paleo friendly ingredients. I started with grab and go protein bites, and then invented a chocolate using ingredients I discovered and developed. I loved cupcakes and figured out a way to make iced cupcakes using non grain flours. And I loved cereals, so I invented a yummy granola. Most stevia and monk fruit (lo guan ho) tasted horrible to me, and agave and honey and other sugar substitutes were really just sugar. For me, anything with a glycemic index over 10 was a problem. So I scoured the earth for suppliers that would work with me on formulations.

But this was all for my consumption.

Then, one day, a dear friend who had advanced diabetes begged me to help. Over time, using the foods I made for him, and changing his lifestyle (adding exercise, eliminating starches and booze), he ceased needing insulin. I realized that I could help people with my food, and I founded You Are Loved Foods.

The Name “You Are Loved Foods”, came as a result of 2 events converging.

When we were first setting up the kitchen, a woman came to help. We gave her some treats, and she asked if she could bring some home to her sons. One was severely Type 1 diabetic, with significant food sensitivities. The other, rife with food allergies. This was right before Christmas, and on Christmas day, the phone rang. It was she. She told me her sons tried our chocolate bites, and one began to cry. I felt so bad, so I asked what happened. She told me.

“My son said ‘Mom, you always told me God loves me, but I thought God was angry at me, because I couldn’t have chocolate. Now I can have chocolate and I don’t get sick. So now I know God loves me!”

At that moment, I was reading an E-Card sent to me and at the bottom it said: “Remember You Are Loved”. And that was the inspiration for the Name: You Are Loved Foods.

Because you deserve to eat the foods you love, and have them love you, too.

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What is the mission behind You Are Loved?

Our mission is to bring more healthy and delicious comfort food to your table for you to enjoy a happier and healthier life with your loved ones.



Are these products gluten free?

Yes and Paleo and Keto friendly as well.



Are frozen foods being shipped?

At this time we are not offering shipping of frozen foods East of Las Vegas due to the high cost of dry ice. Any frozen foods shipped to the West Coast will incur a frozen shipping surcharge. We apologize for any inconvenience.



What type of sweetener is used?




Brand Recipes

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