Yumi Yumi

We offer you premium dry-aged meat snacks that are an excellent source of protein and low in sugars & carbohydrates.

Our vision is to be able to arrive in the bags of each person aware of their health, responding to their nutritional needs, and pleasing their palates.

Our first line of snacks is Yumi Yumi®, based on the South African technique: biltong, while using Chilean raw materials (like merkén, pica lemon, etc) and of course, made in Chile.


Certified Products:

Yumi Yumi® Balsámico

This savoury cocktail of balsamic vinegar, basil and oregano will have you licking your fingers for more. Add some cheeses, and you have a succulent and sophisticated treat.

Yumi Yumi® Merken

This is heat with a purpose: to seduce your taste buds. It’s spicy. It’s savory. And has a whole lot of smokey sassiness.

Yumi Yumi® Cinnamon Turmeric

Not everything has to be spicy to have appeal. The inviting sweetness of cinnamon and rich aroma of turmeric creates a mix that’s mild, a perfect option for kids.

Yumi Yumi® Garlic Ginger

Our finger-licking garlic, ginger, baked coriander seeds and black pepper packs a bit of heat, but is addictively flavourful.

Yumi Yumi® Pica Lemon

Mild and lightly citric: Pica Lemon is a perfect for those that like a tangy snack without the heat to get their mouth-watering on their trekking adventures or to add excitement to their office hours.


Who is Yumi Yumi?

Founded in 2017, Yumi Yumi is a health food brand offering meat snacks that are completely grass-fed and free of nitrates, nitrites, and MSG. Initally, Yumi Yumi employs a South African technique known as “biltong” to provide cured meat snacks. The biltong technique air-dries beef and incorporates a variety of spices, vinegars, and other healthy ingredients.

Currently, Yumi Yumi offers a variety of flavors, including balsamic, pica lemon, merkén (a mixture of the country’s own hot chili peppers), and garlic ginger. The brand recently launched a new flavor of Cinnamon Turmeric that is made entirely without sugar and contains zero carbohydrates.

The founders of the brand consider that “we have increasingly chaotic lives. Lack of time. Anxiety. Stress. Disappointment. To remedy this, the food industry brings us products that uncover our happiness and we fall down the slide of addiction to these foods. We are surrounded by avalanches of products high in carbohydrates and sugars. Articles (paid for by mega-corporations) and advertisements have convinced us that a diet based on this is “healthy” and a necessary part of a balanced diet.”

Seeing that there are very few healthy snack alternatives for the Chilean people, the second-largest obese population in Latin America according to WHO, Yumi Yumi sought to be one of the first brands to provide the market with a healthy food option for people with little time to devote to cooking. Rather than simply producing a beef jerky product packed with sugar, MSG, and other chemical additives, the company committed to producing a meat snack made by a slow-maturing, artisanal process. This process allows the elaboration of a healthy, full-protein, an end product that is compatible with the Keto diet and other diets that limit carbohydrate consumption.

All of Yumi Yumi’s snacks are first dipped in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and an infusion of flavors, spices, and herbs.

Yumi Yumi® Garlic - Ginger - Seka Meat Spa - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation
Yumi Yumi® Merkén - Seka Meat Spa - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation
Yumi Yumi® Balsamic - Seka Meat Spa - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation
Yumi Yumi® Cinnamon - Turmeric - Seka Meat Spa - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation

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