Mess-free Paleo Caramel Apples

Mess-free Paleo Caramel Apples

Skip the waxy pre-made, store-bought stuff— bring in the fall season in Paleo style with these tried-and-true, mess-free Paleo Caramel Apples that are a favorite year after year after year with this recipe featuring Sea Salt Caramel from LoveBean Fudge.

LoveBean Sea Salt Caramel Spread is a paleo/vegan take on caramel that even your Grandmother would love. A base of coconut flavor with butterscotch overtones and just the right amount of Sea Salt.  Seriously, it’s perfect. Like some next level vegan/paleo/pagan creamy caramel. It’s Certified Paleo, sweetened with Coconut Sugar, full of healthy MCT fats,  Organic, and just all-around friggin awesome.

Love Bean Caramel Ingredients: Organic Pureed Coconut, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Fresh-Pressed Coconut Milk, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Extract.



1 jar of LoveBean Fudge’s Sea Salt Caramel

1 cup salted almonds, chopped

10-12 Tart to Sweet medium Apples

10-12 Popsicle Sticks

Baking sheet lined with parchment paper



1) Fasten the lid on the Lovebean super-tight. Drop the jar in hot tap water for 5-6 minutes or until melted, and stir.

2) Insert Popsicle sticks into apples and set on parchment paper.

3) Pour hot caramel over apples until desired thickness is achieved.

4) Cover with crushed almonds.

5) Refrigerate for an hour or until the caramel has set.



Yield: 10-12 apples.



Use Lovebean Fudge Spread with the caramel, drizzled over the caramel, or instead of the caramel.

Salted Almonds are not necessary, they can be plain, or other types of nuts. I also really like this recipe with pistachios.








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