Why You Need a Paleo Food Broker?

Why You Need a Paleo Food Broker?

Paleo Food Broker

Buying and selling of food is big business around the world. In this Paleo Food Broker Guide, we’ll give you some general information about food brokers and why they are a must for increasing sales and brand awareness for small, medium-sized, and even large Paleo businesses. But first, let’s discuss the basics.

What is a Food Broker?

Food brokers have an extensive range of contacts and relationships and have the knowledge and expertise that can make your products sell.

A food broker is an independent sales agent that negotiates sales for food producers and buyers, as they help sell the food products to wholesale buyers, retailers, niche market stores, and more. In many cases, brokers focus their efforts into one local geographic area, however in some cases, the brokers are able to reach outside of their geographic region, and even drum up sales on a national and perhaps even international level for their clients.

Because of the nature of the food brokerage business, they tend to have a very clear understanding of current market trends and can keep both the producers and perhaps even the buyers up to date on market situations. Because of this knowledge, they can help increase the sales of the producers and manufacturers they work with resulting in a win-win situation for both the buyer and the food producer.

In this regard, food brokers are seen as specialists— or even magicians— for their ability to increase profitability and increase brand awareness of a company.

Other Benefits of Using a Food Broker

It mainly boils down to saving time, saving money, and making money.

Food brokers operate the food network— they have connections with local and international producers as well as local and international buyers. Instead of one food producer taking the time out of their already busy schedule to visit and deal with representatives from several local or national retailers and other buyers, the food broker may already have a relationship— or will create one— with the buyers for you.

They are specialists in creating relationships, strengthening relationships, and becoming vital and trusted sources of product information to ensure that your products are placed where they are the best fit, and where your product and brand can grow.

Food brokers can help food manufacturers coordinate sales nationwide. This often takes a lot of time if done by the producer, and can be rather expensive and inefficient for a food producer to use the services of several people to complete this task— whereas with a food broker you only need one skilled person.

Even if you are a small business making a new brand of Paleo Granola, a food broker can be employed to help you sell and  market your product to local supermarkets, and using their network of relationships and connections help you enter into national sales, promoting your brand without you ever needing to hire a dedicated sales team.

How to Find a Food Broker

The first order of operation is to clearly identify your goals and expectations. Once you have those prepared, it’s time to start looking for a food broker. You can look online for food broker listings, and do some background research on them before contacting them and meeting them in person.

When meeting with a food broker, ensure that you ask lots of questions to make sure you are both on the same page and have the same vision for your product or products because as a Paleo product owner, not all food brokers will have the right expertise for your product.

Paleo Food Brokerage Services

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new wing of the Paleo Foundation that offers Paleo Food Brokerage Services for our Paleo Approved, Paleo Friendly, and Certified Paleo Companies. Our Paleo Food Broker specialists are already Paleo, ensuring the knowledge and expertise for your product because they will understand where you fit better than anyone else and they know your target market just as well as you do.

Although they have the knowledge in working with small specialty distributors and even the expertise to navigate through Whole Foods conglomerate— our specialists think outside of the box and help match you with distribution and buyers you didn’t even know were possibilities.

If you are a Paleo Certified Company and would like to speak with one of our dedicated Paleo brokers to see how they can save you time and money, contact The Paleo Foundation today!



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