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No Weird Ingredients. Ever.

Before industry, food was minimally processed and nourishing. Demand ingredients with that same pre-industrial standard. Humans evolved to eat whole foods that exist in nature, not ingredients made in labs. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, there’s a good chance your body won’t either.

Hu (as in HUman) Chocolate is a cult-favorite vegan chocolate line free from dairy, palm oil, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar and sugar alcohols. Like all Hu products, Hu Chocolate is proudly Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Kosher.



Certified Products:

Simple Dark Chocolate

The one that started it all. Our Simple Dark Chocolate bar is made from organic house-ground cacao and has a rich cocoa flavor punctuated by subtle caramel notes. Just trust us, it’s a solid choice.

Hazelnut Butter Dark Chocolate

Our most indulgent chocolate bar. Enjoy rich hazelnut butter spread inside dark chocolate. It’s our version of everyone’s favorite hazelnut chocolate spread, and it’s DELICIOUS.

Salty Dark Chocolate

A savory twist takes our Simple chocolate to the next level. Hand-sprinkled fleur de sel (premium French sea salt). Visible salt crystals hit your taste buds first. Followed by deep, dark chocolate flavor. An intense, delicious combination. Our sea salt contains no anti-caking agents, no additives, and no conditioners.

Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate

Our most refreshing bar. Made with peppermint oil for a subtle mint flavor. Satisfying crunch provided by specially-sourced organic fair-trade cacao nibs throughout.

Cashew Butter & Pure Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate

Our in-house Hu favorite. Custom dry-roasted cashews make for a unique, creamy cashew butter housed in Hu’s rich dark chocolate. Real vanilla beans (not vanilla extract) add a luscious layer of flavor.

Cashew Butter & Orange Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate

Creamy cashew butter blended with real vanilla beans and 100% pure orange essential oil. An irresistible combination as is, but we decided to cover it in 70% dark chocolate (just to be safe). Reminiscent of a playful orange creamsicle, minus the refined sugars.

Cashew Butter & Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Our version of a PB&J. But this classic childhood flavor is elevated with 70% dark chocolate, creamy cashew butter and subtle tart notes of real organic raspberries.

Hu Hunks

You can now enjoy the wonderful taste and feeling of Hu Chocolate in its perfect snacking form: Hunks! This bag of delicious chocolate-covered Hunks comes with a convenient zipper seal closures to ensure freshness. Our 6oz bag is the perfect size to throw into your purse, bag, or briefcase for a tasty chocolate treat on the go. Great for sharing, better for not sharing.

Available in Cashew Butter & Vanilla Bean Hunks, Sour Goldenberry Hunks, and Almond & Sea Salt Hunks flavors!

Hu Grain-Free Cookies

A highlight reel of Hu’s can’t-believe-they’re-that-good, grain-free cookies that contain no added sugars.

Available in Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, and Snickerdoodle.

Hu Grain-Free Crackers

Crisply baked and made with a unique blend of almond, whole cassava, and coconut flour.

Available in Everything, Pizza, and Sea Salt flavors.

Snacking & Baking Dark Chocolate Gems

Hu Gems are the newest addition to our cult-favorite vegan chocolate line free from dairy, palm oil, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar, and sugar alcohols. Like all Hu products, Hu Gems are proudly Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Kosher.


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