3 Step Paleo Pesto Recipe

3 Step Paleo Pesto Recipe

Paleo Pesto

Pesto is a traditional sauce that originated in northern Italy in the Genoa region (hence pesto genovese) and is a blend of basil, crushed garlic, pine nuts, Parmesean cheese, and olive oil.

Originally, pesto was made by crushing all of the ingredients in a mortar and pestle, and the word ‘pesto’ comes from the Italian word pestare, which means to pound and crush.

Besides being an all-purpose sauce, some of the ingredients may be substituted and you will still be left nothing short of amazing. You can substitute other nuts in place of the pine nuts, like walnuts or macadamia nuts, and you can even replace the Parmesean and use Asiago, or another grass-fed hard cheese of your liking, or skip it altogether. Either way, you’ll have pesto.

Ingredients Paleo Pesto Recipe:

•  2 cups Organic Basil

•  1 cup  Kasandrinos Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

•  1 cup Grass-fed hard cheese (optional)

•  1 Cup Pine Nuts

•  6 Garlic Cloves

•  Salt and Pepper to taste

Directions Paleo Pesto Recipe:

Step 1:  Blend half of the basil with the nuts, cheese, garlic, olive oil, and salt in a blender or food processor until the ingredients are finely chopped.

Step 2:  Add the rest of the basil until a smooth paste has formed.

Step 3:  Taste the pesto and add more salt, garlic, nuts, or cheese as desired. Enjoy!

For best results, use the pesto immediately as it will darken and oxidize quickly.  It can also be refrigerated for up to a week, or it can be frozen and will last for up to 3 months.




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  1. Oh my god that looks super good. I will have to make this soon. Does it actually make that big of a difference what kind of Olive Oil I get?

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