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Best Express Foods

We are known for creating our most popular products, aussie bites (now available with organic ingredients), sunrise energy bars, petite cinnamon rolls, and lastly, but not least, our line of tortillas and tortilla chips.

Best Express Foods is a recognized leader in quality and value across the country and abroad. Located in Northern California, our independently owned bay area bakery has built and grown its business based on the ground of making good food more convenient, and convenient food into higher quality, with first-rate value and service.

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About the Brand

Our mission is to produce the best quality baked-goods in an environment that is safe, clean and friendly for both our employees and the community. The integrity of production is based on our commitment to innovative growth and development. We strive to deliver nothing but the freshest products with the finest ingredients, and carefully developed recipes. We are committed to creating customers for life through great tasting food.

Best Express Foods was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989 when Jesus Mendoza wanted to challenge himself by setting the bar for quality baked goods. Having worked in restaurants across the peninsula, and using his home dining room as a workspace for recipe development, Mr. Mendoza was able to produce the core products for a family business that would one day become successful. The stone-ground corn tortilla chips were the first of many creations rooted into the company’s soil, using just the simplest ingredients. from there, tortillas, breads, and pastries all followed suit. Today, Mr. Mendoza still proudly carries the company’s weight on his shoulder and continues to develop and test recipes out of his own home.


Where can I find these products?
  • Please visit our WHERE TO FIND page. There you will find a list of stores that may potentially carry a product you’re looking for. Not all stores carry each product. We are unable to provide an exact inventory of our products in each store’s location. Please call your local store to see if they carry the product you are looking for. You can also purchase some of our products in our shop.
How does shipping work?
  • Due to a small team working hard to make our online sales possible and production times to ensure the freshest product we ship twice a week. Your product will be shipped through FedEx Ground without a signature requirement. Best Express Foods is not responsible for packages left unattended and/or not received by a person. Shipping is a flat rate charge of $16.00. In this day and age, everyone is pleased by free shipping options, we are too! However, we set a flat rate as a courtesy to our customers. Since our products are on the heavier side, actual shipping charges range well over the flat rate. In addition, we do not charge any handling or packing fees. Thank you for your understanding!
Why can't I find your products at my local store?
  • Once a store receives our product, it is ultimately up to them how they wish to distribute it. Best thing to do is to get in contact with your local grocer and ask them to consider our product. The more requests, the more likely you are to see us on their shelves.
How do refunds work?
  • Not everyone will enjoy our products, and that’s okay! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please return the product to the store you purchase it from, and a refund will be issued by that store.
What food allergens are there?
  • The FDA requires that the top 8 food allergens be included on the ingredient label. These are: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat and Soybeans. If a nut, fish, or shellfish is present; then the label must identify the particular type of food. (ie. cashew, hazelnut, coconut, flounder, crab, shrimp, etc.)
Are any of these products gluten free?
  • At this time, our facilities are not gluten-free certified. We provide full disclosure of additives in the ingredients list on all of our packaging. You will find that some of our products do not have added gluten, however, because gluten is airborne, we cannot formally state that our products are gluten-free. As the global understanding of gluten intolerances increases, we are working on creating a gluten-free certified facility for the future of our company.