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Gut Microbiome Research and the Health Food Industry

“Probiotics are going to play definitely an increasing role as we learn more about them,” Vuyisich says. “There’s unlimited amount of knowledge that that is out there and we’re just scratching the surface. And so the revolution has begun. I would like to ask everyone to contribute to this revolution in order to enable people to live healthier lives.” 

Gut microbiome

Therapeutic Tools for Gut Microbiome Health

The health of your gut microbiome is linked to all different sorts of positive health outcomes. Today, there are emerging therapeutic tools that can help people better protect and enhance the health of their gut.

Krebs Cycle Keto Diet Mechanisms of Action Microbiome

Ketogenic Diet Mechanisms of Action

The ketogenic diet is best known as a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet commonly used

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance and the Human Microbiome

Introduction Imagine the following scenario: You wake up on a cold winter morning

Hand Sanitizers COVID 19 Antimicrobials dangers

Hand Sanitizers, Antimicrobials, and the Human Microbiome

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, most people probably

gut microbiome

Gut Health 101: Gut Bacteria, the Gut Microbiota, and your Health

A few decades ago, most health recommendations were characterized by a general “germ

Prebiotic fiber, and why the “Just Eat Real Food” mantra isn’t as good as you think.

Prebiotic fiber: Why “Just Eat Real Food” isn’t as good of a mantra as you think.

Paleo Diet ResearchPendergrass, K. (2019) Prebiotic fiber, and why the “Just Eat Real
Is Xanthan Gum Toxic?

What is Xanthan Gum and Is It Good for You?

Paleo Diet ResearchPendergrass, K. (2019). Should Xanthan Gum be allowed in Grain-Free, Paleo,
what you need to know about prebiotics

Prebiotics And Why You Need Them in Your Diet

Prebiotics are specialized fibers that beneficially nourish the good bacteria already in the

Probiotic supplements

Probiotic Supplements: What You Need To Know Before Buying

Casually drop the word “bacteria” in any conversation, and you’re guaranteed to notice