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LesserEvil Snacks

We’re serious about being mindful. And as you can tell, we’re also serious about snacking. Nothing goes into our popcorn, paleo puffs, or egg white curls that we wouldn’t feed our own families.

Making food the right way takes work, but we don’t lose our Zen over it. We embrace it by being one with our own snack factory in Danbury, CT. We only manufacture the highest quality snack products while only using ingredients that are healthy, organic and/or sustainable. Every ingredient has a purpose; fewer is better than more.

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About the Brand

LesserEvil was founded in 2005 with the goal of making iconic American snacks better for you. The first products included potato puffs (instead of chips) and indulgent kettle corn that was still low-carb. In 2011, the current owners took the reigns to discover what LesserEvil meant to them. Their new vision was to provide the community with snacks that were not only lower in fats and calories, but also made with real, quality ingredients.

In 2012, the LesserEvil factory was born. By opening our own manufacturing facility, we were not only able to source better ingredients, but also to control the integrity of our products while providing local factory jobs. By seeing the company as a large extended family, we felt very strongly about providing an integrated message about the potential and discovery of LesserEvil. It took years to fine-tune our approach and in doing so we became a much better company and people, too. There isn’t a single product that we produce that we don’t think has the best possible ingredients. Our mantra around food is that we would not put anything in our foods that we wouldn’t feed our own children. We’re trying to make our world less evil by creating deeper connections with people, the planet and real, organic food. So there you have our recipe for life: clean ingredients for what we hope is a down-and-dirty- smash-em-up beautiful life.


Where are LesserEvil snacks made and distributed?
  • All our products are made at our very own snack factory in Danbury, CT and distributed nationwide in the US. You can also find them in some retailers in Canada, at Ritchies Supermarket in Australia, and in the United Arab Emirates. We hope to expand to more regions soon!
What is the shelf life of a LesserEvil product?
  • Popcorn: 8 months; Paleo Puffs + Power Curls: 9 months
Are your kernels air or oil popped?
  • Air popped only!
How do you apply the oil on your popcorn?
  • We heat it slightly, just until it’s melting point, and then we evenly spray our oils (coconut, ghee, avocado) on our freshly popped popcorn.
What is the health benefit of coconut oil?
  • Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids which support a healthy metabolism. The medium-chain fatty acids are used by the body as energy rather than stored as fat in the body.
What is yeast extract?
  • Yeast extract is a protein-rich ingredient from bakers yeast, made up of amino acids to help add depth of flavor to food. Our organic yeast extract is not MSG.