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Nuskool is unwavering on delivering great taste, high quality, and natural ingredients to their customers.

The also believe in the power of positivity. That’s the secret ingredient in everything they do — from the way they treat people to the way they treat their products and process. It also fuels their desire to achieve personal bests, and then beat that best the next day. They’re always striving to be good to others, do good for their community and customers, and taste good in every last bite.

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About the Brand

Joe, CEO & Co-Founder of NuSkool, saw the effects of unhealthy lifestyles on his family and friends, he developed the first MCT Collagen Bar to make a change in the world. He teamed up with his best friend, Kevin, and his wife, Taylor, to grow MCTco into NuSkool — a deliciously simple way to snack better, feel better, and do better.

At Nuskool, they all share a passion for doing something nu, making positive change, and enjoying the process along the way. They know that making big changes can feel daunting, and overwhelming. But they also know that little changes can make a huge impact over time. They strongly believe that fun is more fun when you’re sharing and connecting with others and that life tastes sweeter when you’re having a good time and spreading positivity.


Where can I buy NuSkool snacks?
  • You can buy MCT Collagen Bars or Plant Based Krunch Bars directly from our website. Check out where you can find them near you on our store locator.
Do you send free samples?
  • No we do not.
Where do you ship to?
  • NuSkool ships throughout the United States.
What does MCT stand for?
  • MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides aka healthy fats from a coconut. MCTs are proven to increase energy, improve memory and cognition, and keep you fuller for longer.
Are MCT collagen bars keto-friendly?
  • Yes! All MCT Collagen Bars are Keto certified.
Do MCT collagen bars have a shelf life?
  • The shelf life is 9 months from the date it’s made. Find the exact Best By date printed on the side of your MCT Collagen Bar wrapper.