Paleo Approved Farm and Ranch Certification

Paleo Approved Farm and Ranch Certification

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Due to consumer and industry skepticism around the meaning of the word “natural”, the health seeking consumer has begun to prefer alternative on-pack claims and third party certifications to validate if a product fits within their personal eating philosophy, or food tribe. Food Tribe: “Communities that share preferences regarding the types of foods they eat, for reasons such as their health, the environment, or animal welfare” [Source:]. The Paleo Approved logo helps Paleo consumers easily and readily identify products that fit into their lifestyle, and in a recent poll in the largest online Paleo Community group, 100% of Paleo adherents said they would try a new product displaying a Paleo Certification label.


Not only are we a certification organization, but we are also a social media, advertising, and product promotion company rolled into one. We use our social media platforms to increase visibility and drive traffic to Paleo Certified businesses. This includes a feature in the Paleo Movement Magazine, promotions through Paleo Foundation and Paleo Approved Twitter accounts, promotion on Instagram from Paleo Foundation and Paleo Approved accounts, Pinterest promotions, and Facebook promotions.


With certification comes direct access to a dedicated network of Paleo Certified companies, allowing for to cross-promotion, and the ability to use other Paleo Certified companies as a resource for nagivating various business issues and strategic development.


Paleo Approved certification includes features in the Paleo Business Directory, a website that not only highlights Paleo Approved Farms and Ranches, but exists to geographically connect Paleo Consumers and Farmers, closing the gap between supply and demand for Paleo Approved products.


Minimally Invasive. Maximum Simplicity.

Your application is the first active step towards Paleo Approved Certification. The Paleo Foundation Team will maintain your company information in the strictest confidence. Download the application HERE.
After the application is carefully considered, an audit will take place.
Once your products have been assessed by the Paleo Foundation Team and have shown compliance with Certification Program Standards, an agreement will be drawn up and sent via
Once the agreements have been signed, you will receive a Letter of Approval, Artwork, and a Certificate of Completion granting you the right to display our trademarked logos on certified products.


Paleo Foundation Associated Websites and Groups

We have a few different programs and initiatives at the Paleo Foundation, each serving the purpose of forwarding the Paleo Movement.

  • The Paleo Movement Magazine Featuring Farms and Ranches, and other Paleo Certified products.
  • Paleo Approved Certification Program for Farms and Ranchers
  • IPMG  World’s Largest and First Paleo Group on Facebook serving over 13 thousand active members.
  • Paleo Business Directory Another great resource for the Paleo Movement at large.


The following links direct you to a few Paleo Foundation and social sites. There you will be able to get an idea of what we’re doing to promote Paleo Approved operations just like yours.


Ready to Join The Paleo Movement?

Download the Paleo Approved Farm and Ranch Certification Application HERE.