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Paleo Foundation Food Philosophy

A Food Philosophy is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior, towards food. The average person encounters at least a few foods per day, and a refusal to ponder habits towards food, and other’s food in a meaningful way can be likened to a lack of self-understanding, awareness, or authenticity. Since…
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Evolution of thought: What changed

Duning-Kruger Effect in action Once upon a time, we resided on top of the Duning-Kruger Effect’s ‘Mount Stupid.’  We once engaged in fear-mongering.  We once judged.  We once proselytized.  But after a few hard lessons, we stopped cold turkey.  Over the course of years and several hard-learned lessons, we managed to escape our Ivory Towers,…
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How the Paleo Diet Gave me an Eating Disorder by Karen Pendergrass

How the Paleo Diet Gave me An Eating Disorder

by Karen Pendergrass, CEO of The Paleo Foundation We are not immune to click-bait titles. So do any justice to that sort of hyperbole will require quite an amount of context.  Before October 31st of 2008, I was in the best shape of my life and had grown accustomed to eating whatever I wanted,  living…
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JUST10 Weightloss Challenge

It’s not a detox. It’s not a Miracle Cleanse.  The JUST10 Weightloss Challenge is a set of 7 rules that are going to work for you this time around. At the beginning of every year, millions of people make the decision to lose weight. If you make this promise to yourself year after year, or even month…
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