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Interview with Stathis Touloumis: Detach

From Hipster Santa to First World Problems, the entire internet has jumped on the coconut water meme train. While both sides of the fence have their say about whether or not coconut water is a good thing, we can all agree not all coconut water is created equal. I think we can safely say that…
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Spencer Nadolsky: The Doc Who Lifts With His Patients

What if there was a doctor who told you that you could replace your medicines with diet or exercise? A doctor who practices what he preaches, and would even take the time out of his day to work out with you, and sit down with you afterward to talk about your life over lunch?  A…
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Interview With Cassy Burnside: Fatco Skincare

Ever since I was a young boy, I was well known for being a dirty kid. As a toddler, I rarely complained of dirty diapers. Growing up, I was not above stomping in puddles, rolling around in the mud, or returning home smelling like I just crawled out of a swamp. Basically, there was no…
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south georgia pecan

Interview With Jeff Worn: South Georgia Pecan Company

I remember being a young, physically active teenager and religiously raiding the pantry for peanut butter. I’d literally eat it straight out of the container with a spoon.  I must’ve devoured my weight in peanut butter every month, easily.  As the Paleo community can guess, eating copious amounts of unclean peanut butter eventually took its…
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Shanti Bar

Interview With Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams of Shanti Bar

When I hear the phrase ‘superfood,’ I immediately conjure up an image of an ancient, Herculean god of cooking, slowly stirring a forgotten recipe not meant for mortals in a truck-sized cauldron. Turns out, superfoods aren’t just for the mythological, they are excellent for mere mortals as well.  While any Asgardian can boast of their…
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Jeff Pedersen

Interview With Jeff Pedersen Sr. Of Sports Research

Jeff Pedersen was a promising athlete ready for the big leagues. He attended Fermin Lasuen High School in San Pedro where he earned 9 varsity letters and held numerous records. He was voted Athlete of the Year in 1968 and was a high round draft pick by the Chicago Cubs, but he chose a USC…
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beekeeper's naturals

The Buzz about Beekeeper’s Naturals

It’s that time of the year again… Runny noses. Screaming children with sticky hands.  Picking up friends and family from airports that you are pretty sure to have the plague. Nothing says holidays like inviting to your home for a week at least three different carriers of an unknown disease, each possessing a more contagious…
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Broken Arrow Ranch - Paleo Approved - Paleo Foundation

Chris Hughes of Broken Arrow Ranch

In a world overrun by tasty, four-legged creatures, Chris Hughes of Broken Arrow Ranch  has solved the issue of getting wild-caught and field harvested meats directly to consumers. Broken Arrow Ranch is able to bring high-quality, truly wild free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar by partnering with ranchers in Central and South Texas as part…
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The Story Behind Chef Jöne Pan’s Gourmet Gelato

A woman falls in love, discovers the love wasn’t real or shared, and then embarks on a heroic quest to find her true love.  Now replace what you thought was a statuesque male specimen with ice cream.  Today we discover the Story Behind Chef Jöne Pan’s Gourmet Gelato.   Hi Jöne, thank you for taking…
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wild zora foods

Interview With Zora Tabin of Wild Zora Foods

  A Wild Zora appears! Wild Zora makes meat bars with organic veggies. They’re super tasty! Your kids will most likely get the reference, but Wild Zora Bars are not just for kids. Originally created as an alternative to sugary, grain-filled snacks and/or beef jerky, Wild Zora took off after word of mouth got around…
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