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Circular Economy

The Future Circular Economy

The circular economy is changing the way that CPG Brands in the Health Food industry operate.

Gut microbiome

Therapeutic Tools for Gut Microbiome Health

The health of your gut microbiome is linked to all different sorts of positive health outcomes. Today, there are emerging therapeutic tools that can help people better protect and enhance the health of their gut.

Nutrient-dense food

Bigger, Brighter, Blemish-Free, and No Nutrient Density

Nutrient density in food items we eat is an extremely important issue that is beginning to pop up on the radars of consumers around the country.

Third Party Certifications

10 Ideas to Use your Third-Party Certifications

Third party certifications offer a great way for health food brands to connect with customers and grow their brand loyalty. Below, we outline ten different ways that health food brands can best take advantage of their certifications.

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance and the Human Microbiome

Introduction Imagine the following scenario: You wake up on a cold winter morning feeling lethargic and slightly feverish and notice a tingling in your throat. On your way to work, you decide to pop into an urgent care clinic where the doctor, after a 10-minute checkup, prescribes a course of antibiotics for a supposed throat…
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Upscaled food for the planet

Upcycled Food: An Innovative Way to Combat Food Waste

In elementary school, the first environmental lesson you probably learned revolved around the importance of “the three R´s:” reduce, reuse, and recycle. Given the fact that U.S. children make up only 3.7 percent of children on the planet but have 47 percent of all toys and children’s books, the lesson of “reducing” the amount of…
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How Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan pushed the Keto Diet into the Mainstream

How Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan pushed the Keto Diet into the Mainstream

How is that a nutritional program initially designed as a treatment for epilepsy almost a century ago is today one of the fastest-growing dietary trends in the world? Back in the 1920s, the Ketogenic diet was found to help avoid seizures. The founder, Dr. Russel Wilder of the Mayo Clinic, also discovered that the strict…
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“Fad Diet” Certification triples Keto Butter Creamer

“Fad Diet” Certification Triples in the First Quarter of 2019

For Immediate Release Contact: Jonathan David Email: Los Angeles, California. April 19, 2019. By the end of 2018, the Paleo Foundation had certified less than 150 products since it began its Keto Certification program in November 2016. However, as of the beginning of the second quarter of the 2019 calendar year, an unprecedented 500…
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Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet on Joe Rogan Podcast

Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet on Joe Rogan Podcast

If you haven’t yet seen the Gary Taubes vs Stephan Guyenet showdown on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week, none of this will make any sense. I’d like to give my thoughts on the Stephen Guyenet vs Gary Taubes debate on the Joe Rogan podcast. I know everyone is tired of this discussion, so hopefully, I…
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dinnercrasher social app airbnb

DinnerCrasher: Is This the Future of Socializing?

Smelling the intoxicating aroma of an outdoor BBQ can cause a Pavlovian response of drooling on oneself. Your senses anticipate the food, your stomach starts to growl, you can hear the sounds of laughter and perhaps the clinking of martini glasses, and you instinctively know this is the recipe for a great time. But alas,…
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