“Fad Diet” Certification Triples in the First Quarter of 2019

“Fad Diet” Certification Triples in the First Quarter of 2019

“Fad Diet” Certification triples Keto Butter Creamer

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Los Angeles, California. April 19, 2019. By the end of 2018, the Paleo Foundation had certified less than 150 products since it began its Keto Certification program in November 2016. However, as of the beginning of the second quarter of the 2019 calendar year, an unprecedented 500 products are now Keto Certified by the third-party organization.

In just a few short months, the demand for Keto Certified certifications tripled. The 500th Keto Certified product was the new first-to-market Butter Coffee Creamer from Picnik Austin.

While the organization has been offering Paleo certification since 2010, Paleo Foundation CFO Kimberly Eyer notes “This is something we’ve never seen before.” Adding, “If you have a brand and haven’t considered offering a keto-friendly product, you’re going to miss this wave.” But what does the Paleo Foundation make of the tremendous increase in demand for Keto Certifications, and the Keto Diet’s reputation for being a fad diet?

“Fad diet or not,” Paleo Foundation CEO Karen Pendergrass explains, “Don’t ever make the mistake of forgetting about vegans. Vegan parents of children with drug-resistant epilepsy need options, too.” Suggesting, “The brands we’ve seen offering keto-friendly, vegan products are ahead of the trend curve.”

“One more thing, I need to make this PSA,” Pendergrass adds.  “Keto is getting a bad enough rap as is. Enough with the ‘fiber is unnecessary’ business, already. Dietary fiber is a functional food ingredient that helps prolong the benefits of a Keto diet.”

“Fight me,” she says half-jokingly. I think?

About The Paleo Foundation

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, the Paleo Foundation is a third-party certification organization offering Grain-Free, Paleo, and Keto Certification for products.



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