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Ava Organics

We aspire to deliver a snacking experience that’s a labor of love … one that brings flavor, quality and beauty together in perfect harmony.

Ava Organics is our adventurous brand at Chef Bobo Inc. We have created coconut rollers that are fueled by the finest organic ingredients on earth and infused with unique flavors. Ava delivers more than a snack. We are as committed to quality and authenticity as we are to flavor and convenience.

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About The Brand

Dedicated to creating an adventure for your palate, we believe that harmony that exists in nature is worth pursuing and curating into unique, beautiful and delicious combinations. We pride ourselves on working together to make a better tasting snacks that are better for you; one craveable crunch at a time!

Fueled by the finest organic ingredients on earth, Ava Organics delivers more than a snack. We deliver flavorful, convenient treats that are defined by authenticity and quality. We translate the beauty and harmony we find in nature into unique, palate-pleasing combinations, making better-tasting snacks that are better for you. Finest organic ingredients on earth, craveable crunch, and guilt-free. These ingredients that taste good, do good, and help you feel good. Our coconut rollers come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors to compliment whatever snacking mood you’re in. They’re perfect for day or night… Even those late midnight snack cravings. Ava Organics is here for it all!


Where can I buy Ava Organics products?
  • These products are sold online. You can locate Ava Organics on Amazon.
Is Ava Organics Paleo certified?
  • On a paleo diet? No worries! All of our products are paleo friendly.
When can I eat the coconut rollers?
  • The best thing about the coconut rollers is that they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere! No need to put a pause on snack time.
Are the coconut rollers vegan friendly?
  • No, however they are vegetarian!
What sizes do the coconut rollers come in?
  • Ava Organic’s coconut rollers comes in two sizes, 14.1 oz or 2.8 oz. You can also buy a bundle of 3 on Amazon.