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Ballot Flurin

Ballot-Flurin Apiculteurs is a pioneer in low-impact beekeeping and apitherapy.

Created by Catherine Flurin in 1982, it has been our mission for the last 30+ years to intertwine the well-being of bees, people, and the planet through our practices and products. Guided by this specific set of ethics and goals, we have been at the forefront of sustainable apiculture in Europe since our inception.


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About The Brand

Everything began in 1976 when a young student, fascinated by the life of bees, decided to become a beekeeper… Catherine Flurin became a whisperer for her bees, intuitively connecting to them to better understand their way of life… In conventional beekeeping training, she discovered the basics of this fascinating profession, but the material taught was an exploitive approach centered around production, with intensive, sometimes brutal, breeding methods, the use of antibiotics, and contaminating pesticides. Catherine, rightfully horrified, was motivated to act differently and so developed a method of GENTLE Beekeeping® based on respecting the bees and their natural rhythms. A new world opened up to her: the intersectional world of bees and people, millions of years old, where information is passed between these two close co-inhabitants of our planet.

Catherine’s dedication to gentle beekeeping through her company, Ballot-Flurin Apiculteurs, not only deepened her understanding of bees but also highlighted their invaluable contributions, particularly through their natural products. Our bee products like propolis, honey, and royal jelly are celebrated for their unique and complex alchemical makeup, derived from a myriad of ingredients directly sourced from nature. For instance, propolis typically contains nearly 300 constituents, including resins, balms, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins, polyphenols, and aromatic compounds, all originating from different botanical sources. This natural complexity, a hallmark of our products, stands in stark contrast to synthetic alternatives. The chemical composition of bee products varies with the environment, making each sample uniquely different. Yet, despite this variability, our preparations consistently offer the same benefits. Apitherapy, the therapeutic use of bee products championed by Ballot-Flurin, embodies both simplicity and complexity. It is at once comprehensible and elusive, unveiling secrets and energies vital for the health of our world and reflecting Catherine’s belief in the profound interconnectedness of bees and humans.


Is raw honey suitable for children?
  • Raw honey is a recommended food for children and toddlers. It is nutrient rich and contains healthy sugars, also helping to fortify natural resistances and promote easier digestion.
Does honey make you fat?
  • The sugars in quality honey do not increase the chance of obesity. This is partly due to the fact that the carbohydrates in raw honey are predigested by bees. Consumed in moderation, untreated raw honeys can help increase metabolism.
Why doesn't my favorite honey always look the same?
  • When harvested, raw honey is always liquid. Its final color and form always take some time to appear, and can be influenced by season, regional origin, or the personality of our hives. The precise texture of a honey cannot be determined before harvest and packaging. Crystalization can also appear when temperatures drop; however this is a sign of a pure, natural honey, as industrially processed honeys will never become more solid.
How do I properly store my honey?
  • Raw honey is one of the most easily preserved substances in the world. There have been sealed jars of honey found in archaeological expeditions that have remained unspoiled for hundreds of years. Simply store in a cupboard away from direct sunlight, with a closed lid to keep out pests, and it can be safely kept for years.
What does dynamized preparation mean?
  • Dynamization is one of our methods of maximizing the natural benefits found in raw hive treasures. It guarantees that all of our preparations are made in a way that protects the healthy aspects of our ingredients, using methods such as specialized manual mixing and following biodynamic cycles.
What is propolis?
  • Propolis is both the mortar used to build the hive as well as one the main way the health of a bee colony is protected. The inside of a hive is warm and humid, and should be highly susceptible to external bacterial infection; however the antibacterial properties of propolis protect against these threats and ensure a vibrant, thriving colony. We only harvest limited amounts of this magical substance each year to ensure the maximum survivability of our hives.