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NaturSource chooses simple ingredients, produced by incredible people from all around the world, to create premium nut mixes, snacks and Salad Toppers that are incomparably tasty.

With a wide variety of products to choose from, NaturSource is able to give you flavorful, nutritious nut mixes, almonds, salad toppers, and ‘uncroutons’. Our commitment to quality is reflected in their strict and cutting-edge quality assurance practices, innovative research and development, and thoughtful sourcing.

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About the Brand

naturSource® is a family owned and operated business, originally founded by Garry and Trudi Oberfield in 1980. Since then, naturSource® has grown and evolved with the health food industry, while remaining true to its core values.

naturSource believes in creating the vest tasting snacks with the best natural ingredients. They use high-quality, all natural ingredients to make their delicious snacks, ready to be enjoyed whenever and however you choose. Their products are healthy, so you know you’re making the top grade choice for your family. With tons of varieties they are able to source from high quality growers and packers that create the best tasting salad toppers, uncroutons, or mixed nuts out there.


What is dry-roasting?
  • NaturSource’s nuts and seeds are exclusively dry-roasted with heated air, and never fried in oil. Dry-roasting is healthier and creates better tasting nuts that stay fresher longer when compared to their deep-fat fried counterparts. The process of dry-roasting releases the naturally occurring oils in nuts and seeds, bringing out and enhancing their pure flavor. Deep-fat-frying introduces additional oils of questionable quality and origin which change how nuts and seeds taste. It also increases the speed at which the nuts and seeds will become rancid, adds additional calories, fat and, in cases where hydrogenated oils are used, trans-fats.
How should NaturSource products be stored to best extend shelf-life?
  • During the final stages of packaging they displace the oxygen in the bag with nitrogen, an inert gas. By removing the oxygen, they slow down the oxidization process, which naturally keeps their products fresher for longer. Oxygen is reintroduced when you open the bag. To maximize freshness, they recommend that you reseal our bags and store them in a cool, dry place- like the fridge!
Are NatureSource products kosher?
  • NaturSource products are certified Kosher Pareve by both MK (Canada) and OU (Outside of Canada).
Are NaturSource products keto-friendly?
  • Some of their products can be considered keto-friendly, as nuts are high in fat and protein and low in carbs. However, many of their products contain some natural sugars, and some contain wheat. Their most keto-friendly product is Olio d’Oliva.
Can I buy NaturSource products online?
  • NaturSource does not sell their products directly to consumers online. They work with trusted retailers across Canada to bring you delicious snacks, and some of these do have online portals.
Do they offer wholesale?
  • Yes! In addition to their retail-packaged products, they offer bulk and private label as well.

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