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Bakery On Main

Bakery on Main started from humble beginnings selling baked goods in natural food markets in Connecticut.

They’ve prided themselves in always selling delicious and wholesome granola. It’s made to be taken on the go or as an indulgent late night snack. Regardless of where it’s enjoyed, Bakery On Main’s grain-free clusters are packed full of ingredients that provide energy for your body.

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About The Brand

The founder of Bakery on Main, Michael, had a  passion for creating a delicious gluten-free and celiac-friendly breakfast and snack foods. He created innovative recipes which expanded from granola to oatmeal, oats, and granola bars. Realizing that people around the country craved simple, effortless eating and snacking, Michael decided to move into manufacturing his creations and distributing them to supermarkets nationwide.

Bakery On Main promises simple, effortless eating and snacking, and that’s how they make life easy on Main Street. They are dedicated to providing celiac-safe whole grains and superfoods that deliver the energy and nutrition you need for a healthy, happy lifestyle.




What makes Bakery On Main's products different?
  • Bakery On Main uses the finest whole nuts and unsulfured dried fruits in its Granola. Our special process creates extra crunchy and delicious whole grain clusters.
Are any ingredients used in these products GMO free?
  • Yes, all our products are Non-GMO Project Verified. For more information on The Non-GMO project visit their website at
What does "gluten-free" mean?
  • “Gluten free” means our products do not contain gluten proteins which are found in Wheat, Rye, Barley and most Oats due to cross contamination.
Are Bakery on Main's products dairy and casein free?
  • Yes, Bakery On Main products dairy & casein free and certified Kosher Parve. Please refer to their website at for their standards.
How can I be sure Bakery On Main's products are gluten free?
  • Bakery On Main’s products are made in a dedicated gluten free facility. Bakery On Main’s manufacturing plant is certified for gluten free production by the Gluten Free Certification Organization which means they visit our plant and audit us to be sure our products are gluten free. Please refer to their web site at for their procedure and standards.
What does "Natural Flavors" mean?
  • Bakery On Main uses natural flavors that are obtained without the use of any synthetic solvents, genetically modified organisms, irradiated materials or the addition of MSG. They are mixtures of the essential oils, essences or extracts derived from a spice, fruit or vegetable.

Brand Recipes

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