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Fresh Fizz Sodas

Fresh Fizz Sodas are all natural and flavored with real fresh herbs and spices. No artificial sugar here, their sodas are sweetened with honey!

Most Sodas are full of chemicals and sugar. Fresh Fizz Sodas are made with just juices, fresh herbs, and spices - and sweetened with honey. They use only real food ingredients, the kind you find in your kitchen, making it a healthy alternative to the typical brands you see in stores. Not only this, but their unique flavor combinations are sure to go with every meal or to enjoy by itself!

About the Brand

Fresh Fizz Sodas are proudly made in New York from water, juices, honey, fresh herbs, and spices. They never use flavors, extracts, acids, or chemicals of any kind. They make their Lemon Mint soda with fresh mint leaves, their Jalapeno Lime with fresh jalapeno peppers, and their Hibiscus Ginger with fresh chopped ginger. You can taste the freshness in every sip!

Fresh Fizz Sodas is the perfect choice for your mocktails and cocktails! They sweeten their sodas with honey, so you can enjoy the taste of soda without all the calories. No artificial flavors or colors—just pure, delicious soda that will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated. It's also one of the first soda brands to be kosher friendly and certified paleo, making sure that it can be seamlessly integrated into anyone's everyday life.

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Certified Products


What flavors of Fresh Fizz Sodas are certified paleo?

Yes, their Jalapeno Lime, Hibiscus Ginger Ale, and Lemon Mint are all certified paleo products.



Do they actually use real ingredients?

Yes! They implement 100% real ingredients, which includes mint, lemon, jalapenos, freshly chopped ginger, and more!



Where can I buy their products?

Their sodas are available through online retailers as well as chain grocery stores across the country.



What makes Fresh Fizz Sodas different from other brands?

For starters, their products never use flavors, extracts, acids, or chemicals of any kind. They also have a difference in their products that you can taste!



How many ingredients are in each bottle?

Each can of Fresh Fizz Sodas that are certified paleo only have four ingredients each, which vary depending on the flavor being created.



What is their refund policy?

They have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.



Brand Recipes

Fresh Fizz Mojito


Their sodas pair perfectly to make a refreshing margarita.

Fresh Fizz Sodas Margarita


Fresh Fizz Sodas can be used to make the best mocktails!

Fresh Fizz Cocktail


Want a mixed drink with fewer calories? Fresh Fizz Sodas is perfect for you.

Fresh Fizz All Natural Soda


Their fresh ginger ale puts a twist on the classic flavors by infusing hibiscus.