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Maria and Ricardo’s

Maria and Ricardo’s Original KETO Tortillas are made with the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients to give you a taste and texture you are sure to love.

All of our tortillas are oven-baked and made from scratch using simple, wholesome ingredients, bringing the goodness of real Mexican cuisine to every package of Maria & Ricardo’s tortillas. Taste the authentic flavors in each product and let yourself be surrounded by family recipes. Free from artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial preservatives, Maria and Ricardo’s tortillas are Mucho Goodness.

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About the Brand

Maria and Ricardo’s makes authentic and high quality tortillas using real, simple and wholesome ingredients. The company was founded in 1986 by cousins, Maria and Ricardo, who were one of the first of their time to believe that the best tasting tortillas came from using natural ingredients resulting with the cleanest recipe possible.

While Maria and Ricardo are no longer part of the company, it has always remained in the hands of Mexican families who have a passion for delicious, real and simple tortillas and Mexican foods. Today, the company is owned by and operates under the leadership of the Montemayor family, who have a long history of manufacturing high quality and delicious tortillas. Their passion for bringing Mexico’s vibrant food culture to the U.S. market is evident in every package of Maria and Ricardo’s tortillas.


Why was Maria and Ricardo's founded?
  • To bring a little taste of Mexico to America without the preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Do they offer whole wheat options?
  • Yes. Maria and Ricardo’s have whole wheat tortillas available.
What makes Maria and Ricardo's unique?
  • Maria and Ricardo’s have perfect the tortilla recipe that brings taste of their hometown to American tables. Their products aren’t full of preservatives or artificial ingredients. They also present keto friendly and whole wheat options while maintaining the same great taste.

Brand Recipes

Mushrooms and kale in a delicious quesadilla.
Carne asada in a perfect tortilla, what could be better than that?
Slow cooked and juicy carnitas full of flavor and spices.
A twist on the classic breakfast taco dish.
Flavorful rib eye with perfectly cooked bell peppers and veggies.
Slaw, shrimp and authentic tortillas make up this perfect dish.