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Hemp Makes it SUPER!

Hemp is a super plant! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of uses for hemp including food, textiles like rope and clothing, construction material, plastics, fuel, animal bedding, and more. At Manitoba Harvest we’re focused exclusively on the seed, which we use to make delicious hemp foods.

Why eat hemp foods? It’s simple: protein and omegas!

Hemp foods are rich in protein and have all 10 essential amino acids. They also contain omega-3, omega-6, stearidonic acid (SDA), and the rare omega-6 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). What’s so great about GLA? Well, GLA has been shown to help with cholesterol, inflammation, skin and hair health, balancing hormones, and general heart health.

Plus if that wasn’t enough, hemp foods also contain magnesium, fibre, iron, zinc, and phosphorous.


Certified Products:

Hemp Hearts

Shelling the hemp seed produces the most nutritious and tender part of the seed, the heart. Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use, and nutritious too! There’s no need to grind or cook Hemp Hearts, they’re ready to eat straight from the bag and are simple to incorporate into your diet. Try sprinkling them on salads, cereal, or yogurt or blend them into smoothies. The only limit is your imagination.

Hemp Hearts may look little, but they contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 12 grams of omega-3 and omega-6 per 30-gram serving (more than a comparable serving of flax or chia).

Hemp seed oil

Our hemp oil is cold pressed and cold filtered with no added preservatives or dyes. Each 15-millilitre serving (1 tablespoon) contains 10 grams of omega-3 and omega-6. The light, nutty taste is perfect drizzled over veggies, on pasta, or even on your popcorn for movie night. You can also add it to salad dressings, sauces, dips, and shakes. Use this light green oil as a substitute for other oils in recipes that aren’t heated above 300 °F (150 °C). Not recommended for frying.

Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder - Chocolate

If you’re looking to add some extra fibre to your diet, Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder Chocolate is for you! There are 9 grams of fibre and 8 grams of protein per 30-gram serving of this organic plant-based protein powder. Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder Chocolate contains only three ingredients and is delicious blended with your favourite smoothie ingredients for an easy on-the-go breakfast. Plus you can use it as a flour substitute in baking!

Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder - Unsweetened

If you’re looking to add some extra fibre to your diet, Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder Unsweetened is for you! With 13 grams of fibre (46% of your recommended daily intake) in one serving, Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder is a great way to add some extra goodness to your smoothies or baking. Our Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder contains only one ingredient, organic hemp protein powder. Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder Unsweetened is delicious blended with your favourite smoothie ingredients for an easy on-the-go breakfast. Plus you can use it as a flour substitute in baking!

Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fibre Protein Powder

Want protein AND fibre? There are 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of fibre per 30-gram serving in this plant-based protein powder. Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fibre Protein Powder offers a bit of everything: protein, fibre, and omegas, in one nutritious package. Great for vegan diets, Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fibre Protein Powder is made with just one ingredient: hemp protein powder. Try blending with berries, a handful of spinach, and almond milk for a tasty treat!


Mike Fata, Co-Founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

We love hemp foods so much we see no reason to love any other. That’s why we’re proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer to grow, make, and sell our own line of hemp food products. Our passion for hemp foods is rooted in our Founder Mike Fata’s personal transformation. He used to weigh over 300 pounds and was sick and tired of being sick and tired. When he decided it was time for a change, he overhauled his diet, focusing on protein, good fats, and fibre – all nutrients found in hemp foods! Since hemp foods played such an essential role in Mike’s health transformation, he wanted everyone to be able to try them.


"As a father of two young children, I want to instill healthy eating habits and an appreciation for quality foods at a young age."

Mike Fata, Co-Founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

We’re bringing Mike’s dream of sharing hemp foods with the world to life by constantly educating people about hemp and encouraging them to try our hemp foods by offering complimentary samples.

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Hemp Hearts - Manitoba Harvest - Certified Paleo - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Shelled hemp seed
Hemp Oil - Manitoba Harvest - Certified Paleo - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Cold pressed hemp seed oil
Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder - Unsweetened - Manitoba Harvest - Certified Paleo - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic hemp protein powder
Hemp Yeah! Max Fibre Protein Powder - Chocolate - Manitoba Harvest - Certified Paleo - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic hemp protein powder, Organic coconut sugar, Organic fair-trade cocoa powder
Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fibre Protein Powder - Manitoba Harvest - Certified Paleo - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Hemp protein powder


Apple Pie Bars

Golden Hemp Milk

Pumpkin Spice Trail Bars

Tropical Matcha Smoothie

What are the differences between hemp and marijuana?

Answer: Hemp and marijuana are much like a sweet pepper and a hot pepper, or a Chihuahuas and a Great Dane. Hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis plant family but are VERY different. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products contain less than 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will our products cause a false positive drug test.

Will I get "high" by consuming hemp foods?

Answer: No. Manitoba Harvest™ products contain less than 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will our products cause a false positive drug test.

Are hemp foods safe for pregnant women?

Answer: Yes. Hemp contains numerous nutrients, including folic acid, so it is a safe and delicious addition to expectant mothers’ diets. Our hemp oil gel caps are considered a supplement. Under Canada’s Natural Health Products’ rules & regulations, we were legislated to include statement cautioning pregnant and breastfeeding women using gel caps. The formula for our hemp oil gel caps has not changed. There is NO evidence that consuming hemp oil gel caps is harmful to pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

Are hemp foods safe for children?

Answer: Absolutely! Just remember to consider body weight when determining serving size – much like you would with any other food. As a general guideline cut the recommended serving size shown on each package by 1/3 or ½ depending on the child’s age and size.

What about pets – are hemp foods safe for animals?

Answer: Manitoba Harvest is not an animal food manufacturer so we recommend contacting your trusted animal care professional for specific advice. However, we receive countless testimonials from customers about the observed benefits of adding hemp foods (hemp oil in particular) to their pets’ diet. Just like with humans, be conscious of your pet’s weight when determining how much hemp oil to add to your pet’s food. A good parameter for oil – 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight.

How do hemp foods compare to other seeds, plant-based proteins, or oils?

Answer: Generally speaking, hemp foods offer more protein and a broader spectrum of omegas than flax, chia, or peas. For a detailed breakdown of how our products compare to other options, please visit our product comparison page.

What’s the CDB content in hemp oil?

Answer: CBD extracts are related to the medicinal marijuana industry NOT the hemp industry. Industrial hemp contains less than 0.001% THC and, therefore, is not a significant source of CBD. Besides, CBD extracts come from the leaves of cannabis plants. In Canada, it is illegal to harvest the leaves of Industrial hemp.

What is the potassium and phosphorous content in hemp foods?

Answer: Hemp seed’s nutritional profile can vary slightly from year to year, and from field-to-field based on growing conditions and seed variety. Manitoba Harvest works directly with farmers to advise on which variety is best for their fields. We also educate our farmer partners on ways to improve seed quality. When Manitoba Harvest publishes nutritional information on our seed, we take a range or an average of various tests to account for slight variations in seed lots. The average potassium content in Manitoba Harvest hemp seed (which is used for making Hemp Hearts and Hemp Protein Powders) is 288 mg per 30 g serving. The average phosphorous content in Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts is 426mg per 30g serving.

I thought Omega 6s are bad for you?

Answer: Omega 6s often get a bad rep. Some Omega 6s, like GLA, play a crucial role in overall health. A general rule of thumb is to avoid all highly processed fats. When it comes to our bodies we need a mix or balance of essential fatty acids (EFAs). It is best to consume foods that have naturally balanced omegas. Hemp has an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 3.75:1. Plus, the omegas in hemp are unrefined, raw, and easily digestible. For more information about “good” and “bad” Omega 6s or the balance of omegas, contact your health care professional.

How much hemp is too much in a day?

Answer: Quantity is one of the pillars of nutrition for optimal health. (The other pillars being Quality, Nutrient Balance, and Frequency). For optimal energy and to avoid weight gain as well as overwhelming the digestive system, it’s best to consume appropriate portions at each eating occasion. Eating hemp foods at every single eating occasion in a day is A-Okay, just account for them as your protein and healthy fat sources.

I’ve noticed sometimes my hemp oil/Hemp Hearts/protein powders are slightly different shades each time I buy them. Why is this?

Answer: Hemp foods are a natural, non-GMO product. There will be slight variations in colour depending on what hemp seed variety was grown, the soil, the region, and growing season. The color difference between product lots has nothing to do with quality – we run small batch testing and every single product goes through a minimum of 34 tests from farm gate to store shelf.

Do I need to refrigerate Manitoba Harvest products?

Answer: Hemp oil must be refrigerated before and after opening to protect hemp’s precious omegas. To extend the freshness of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, Hemp Heart Bites and Hemp Protein Powders, it is recommended to store products in the fridge once opened. Hemp Bliss Organic Hemp Beverage can be stored in the cupboard until used, but MUST be refrigerated after opening.

Do Manitoba Harvest products contain any known allergens?

Answer: Hemp seed – which is the primary ingredient in all of Manitoba Harvest’s products, contains no known allergens.

Are Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products gluten free?

Answer: Our Hemp Hearts, Hemp Heart Toppers, and Toasted Hemp Seeds are Certified Gluten Free. However, not all of our other hemp products make gluten-free claims. Please see product label for confirmation of gluten-free status.

Why are the Hemp Hearts and hemp protein powders in a bag/pouch?

Answer: Our products proudly do NOT contain additives or preservatives. It is absolutely crucial that packaging be light and air impermeable to protect hemp’s precious omegas and keep the product as fresh as possible. We try to find the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging option that allows for Hemp Hearts and our hemp protein powders to still be protected. We choose pouches because over their lifecycle have 1/10th the impact of plastic canisters and although they are not recyclable, they can still be re-used numerous times. You will also find that we do NOT include a plastic scoop in our packaging. Not only does everyone have a spoon at home, but we also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating extra plastic in the environment.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Answer: No, our pouches are not recyclable. Where possible, we are trying to make sustainable choices. You will also find that we do NOT include a plastic scoop in our packaging. We figure everyone has a spoon at home so why add to the waste. As for packaging, it is absolutely crucial that packaging be light and air impermeable to protect hemp’s precious omegas and keep the product as fresh as possible. Currently there are no food grade biodegradable materials that would protect our products in the way that is needed. We are however investigating other options and are part of the OSC2 (One Step Closer), which is a group focused on helping to study and promote sustainable packaging options.

Does Manitoba Harvest irradiate its products?

Answer: No, none of Manitoba Harvest products are irradiated. Food safety and quality is Manitoba Harvest’s top priority. In our manufacturing we implement many tools, protocols, and tests to ensure safe and high quality products but irradiation is not one of them. Manitoba Harvest is proud to be the world’s largest vertically integrated hemp food manufacturer. We control the process from seed to shelf, and can test and reject seed upon delivery, if microorganisms are too high.

Where do I find the amino acid profile for your hemp protein powders?

Answer: You will find this information on the individual product pages under the nutritional facts tab. Amino Acid profile, ingredient lists and other information is all there. Please note: We are currently working on the Amino Acid profile for HempPro 70. Stay tuned…

Why do you use Natural Oregano Extract in some of your Hemp Protein Powders?

Answer: We use a very small quantity of FDA/CFIA approved Natural Oregano Extract to some of our products to help protect their quality and extend freshness.

Why is your Hemp Oil green coloured?

Answer: We make our Hemp Oil by pressing the whole hemp seed, similar to juicing. When pressed hemp is naturally a green colour. We are not adding any colouring, preservatives, or additives. We like to see think chlorophyll when see hemp oil’s rich green shade since hemp contains chlorophyll.

I'm a RD/health care practitioner/fitness trainer/etc and recommend your products. Do you offer samples to share with my clients?

Answer: Yes, we do. At Manitoba Harvest, we are passionate about hemp foods & nutrition, and appreciate people like you helping to educate others. For Hemp Hearts samples to share with clients, complete the online sample request form.

Retailers & Samples

If you’d like to sell our products in your store, request free samples for your event, or review our products on your blog, please fill out one of the forms here. Please note that we require a 30-day lead-time on sample requests for events.

Join our Team of Hemp Ambassadors

Do you believe in balance and the importance of powering your body with nutritious and delicious foods? Do you have an engaged social following or a community of health-conscious individuals you can share information about Manitoba Harvest and samples of our hemp foods with? If so, we welcome you to apply to the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Ambassador Program!

By being a Manitoba Harvest Hemp Ambassador you’ll receive exclusive kits throughout the year filled with samples, information, and special gifts. You’ll also get sneak peeks at our newest products and be the first to try them.

Megan Roosevelt, RDN founder of

Who Should Apply

  • Bloggers, influencers, dietitians/nutritionists, athletes, yogis, and fitness instructors/coaches.
  • Manitoba Harvest super fans.
  • People who love Manitoba Harvest and want to spread the word about hemp foods with their community.

What You’ll Get

  1. A welcome email filled with information about Manitoba Harvest, hemp foods, and tips on social sharing.
  2. Kits filled with Manitoba Harvest products, samples, information, and special promotional items.

What You’ll Do

  1. Educate your community about Manitoba Harvest and why hemp foods are amazing.
  2. Share samples of our products with your community.
  3. Inspire your community to try hemp foods by posting about our products on Instagram three times per kit.
  4. Send us links to your social posts, tell us how you gave out the samples, and share feedback on the samples you received.

Once you apply, our team will review your application and contact you if you’ve been accepted into the program. The program runs on a one-year basis and all Hemp Ambassadors will be required to reapply each year.

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