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Patience Fruit and Co

We have a deep respect for nature, and we tend to her needs as much as we do our cranberries.

Since the beginning, we have practiced organic farming, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Certain things cannot be rushed if you want to do them right. That is why we personally tend to our berries at every step of the way, from seed to shrub to dried fruit. By showering our cranberry fields with care and attention, we ensure that they will live on practically forever. We use a unique drying process that occurs slowly over a long period of time. Our berries are fully grown, and then gently dried to the perfect point, just the amount for them to retain as much of their flavor and nutrition as possible.

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About the Brand

We’re always trying to find new ways to use cranberries — innovative products that are part of a healthy diet. Of course, we’re always thinking about the environment too, constantly looking for new ways to reduce our ecological footprint, such as using rainwater collected on the farm to flood the bogs, or contributing to the expansion of the organic movement. It’s our way of making sure we’ll all be able to enjoy nature’s bounty for a long time to come.

In the year 2000, the Le Moine family, as well as 3 other families chose to invest in organic cranberry farming in Villeroy, starting the Fruit d’Or Company. Even though at the time organic farming was not very common, and even almost non-existent, their desire for healthy, eco-friendly farming let them very quickly carve out a prime spot for themselves in the food industry. Still, wanting more than anything to share their passion for organic cranberry farming with the world, in 2015, they decided to launch the Patience Fruit & Co. brand, an inspirational retail brand name that offers bigger, softer and juicier berries.


Are these organically grown?
  • Yes, all of Patience Fruit & Co’s cranberries are organically grown.
What can I make with cranberries?
  • The sky’s the limit! Cranberries taste great as a healthy snack, in salads, wraps, and so much more!
Do you sell dried cranberries?
  • Yes! We also sell a variety of other products all related to the great cranberry fruit.

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