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The Best Taste, The Highest Quality, Packaged Just for You

All PRE® products are Grass fed & finished, no added antibiotics, no added hormones and 100% Pasture raised 

Our Taste Standard™

You have high expectations and so does PRE®. Every cut of PRE® is evaluated by a proprietary list of criteria to ensure that you are getting a superior quality of beef worth your money. PRE® is dedicated to providing you the most delicious & premium beef, every time. The proof is in the package.

Our Taste Standard is built on four key areas:

  • The Best Environments:

Similar to wine, the best grass fed beef requires the best grass, nutrient rich soil and the best environmental conditions. We find countries with the best environmental conditions, like rainfall and pasture quality, that allow them to grow the healthiest, nutrient dense grass year-round.

We currently source from Australia and New Zealand and are continuously evaluating other regions for future sourcing.

  • The Right Animals:

Quality beef comes from healthy animals that have been pasture raised and properly cared for, every step of the way. PRE® uses the best breeds of cattle, Angus & Hereford, and the best classes to provide a quality eating experience.

  • Relentless Consistency:

We are selective with every cut so you don’t have to be. Each package of PRE® equals tender, delicious, clean beef that is simple for you to cook.  Each cut of PRE® is a consistent weight and thickness to bring you simple preparation and cooking times.

  • Sealed for Freshness:

When you have high quality standards, you don’t need chemicals. Our packaging is vacuum sealed and 100% BPA free.  Unlike many products in the market, no chemicals are used to artificially color our beef or to extend shelf life.

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PRE® Products Include:

  • Ribeye Steak (10 oz.)
  • Filet Mignon (5 oz.)
  • New York Strip (10 oz.)
  • Sirloin (8 oz.)
  • Chuck Roast (24 oz.)
  • 80% Lean Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • 85 % Lean Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • 92% Lean Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • 95% Lean Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • 1/3 lb. Burger Patties-85% Lean (2 pack)

Pre Brands

PRE® is a Chicago based food startup focused on great food without compromises. PRE® on a mission to provide consumers fresh, premium beef on their own terms. The company was built from a blank sheet of paper and focused on the question, “what do shoppers want?”—the best tasting beef with the highest quality standard. The team of 20 is passionate about providing shoppers the most delicious beef in the world and educating on the unique differences of quality beef.

Learn more about the team here.

Ingredients: 100% Grass fed and finished beef

Where does PRE source from?

Answer: Currently, PRE is sourced from select regions in Australia and New Zealand. These regions offer some of the best environmental conditions (rainfall & pasture quality) in the world for grass fed cattle raising. These countries also have the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

Why don’t you source from the U.S.?

Answer: We would love to source from U.S. farms, however the PRE cattle are raised is not the norm in the U.S. In fact, only 3% of cattle in the U.S are 100% grass fed whereas in New Zealand, 96% of cattle are 100% grass fed. It’s just the way they do things. The climate in the US makes it difficult to feed cattle grass all year round.

How does PRE beef impact health?

Answer: The nutrition profile of beef is directly impacted by what the animals eat. When the animals eat grass, it’s like eating salad and vegetables. When animals are fed corn for most of their lives it’s the equivalent of eating candy day in and day out. The overall nutrition and nutrient profile is quite different and is reflected in the richer color of the beef. PRE also sources from producers that use no added antibiotics or added hormones resulting in the cleanest, purest beef you can buy. Our strict specifications and consistent weights allow us to calculate the nutritional profile of our products. This is something that “random weight” (meat that is different weight from steak to steak) is unable to do. Exact nutrition information can be found on each product page, but in general PRE beef is: Up to 38% fewer Calories* Up to 63% less Fat* Higher Omega 3s Higher CLA’s *vs. USDA choice version for the same cut of beef

Does PRE beef ever contain antibiotics?

Answer: We disagree with the routine use of antibiotics and/or hormones to promote unnatural growth in livestock. We believe that all animals deserve to have a life free of sickness and pain, so in case of an animal’s acute illness, we use veterinary administered antibiotics. In humans, this would be the equivalent of taking antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection but not taking antibiotics every day of your life to prevent illness that is a result of unhealthy lifestyle.

Do PRE products contain growth hormones?

Answer: No. There are no added hormones in PRE beef. Cattle naturally have hormones (like all living beings) but we do not use added hormones to promote rapid growth.

Is PRE beef free of GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)?

Answer: Our beef is currently sourced from New Zealand and Australia. We do not have a non-GMO certification; however New Zealand is a GMO free country.

Is PRE's beef organic?

Answer: Our products are sourced from a large number of small farmers in New Zealand and Australia where the methods of 100% grass feeding, no antibiotic use, no added hormones, and humane treatment are standard. These are not “factory” farms with a lot of cattle, but smaller farms with small herds that raise cattle the way they have been doing for generations. The process of being certified organic is very extensive and it’s difficult for these small farms to go through the organic certification process. Because of our sourcing from these farms, we are not certified organic and instead, choose the farms that deliver the high standards that we think are most important to our consumers.

What grade of steak is PRE?

Answer: USDA grading is not relevant for grass fed animals (from the U.S. or other countries) since they are naturally leaner, which results in less marbling. USDA grading is simply a measure of how much visible marbling (fat) a piece of meat has. Our beef is also not USDA graded because it is raised outside of the United States. Only U.S. raised cattle can be USDA graded.

What is the PRE Taste Standard?

Answer: The PRE Taste Standard, is about choosing the right animals (breed, age, weight) and the right environments (pasture, animal care) and doing so with relentless consistency. PRE has strict standards by which it evaluates its animals, ensuring we bring you tender, juicy 100% grass fed beef every time. This ensures we bring the highest quality grass fed beef to you every day of the year.

Does grass fed beef taste differently than grain fed beef?

Answer: Grass fed beef typically has a more nuanced beef flavor because of the nutrient rich grass the animal ate during its life. The leaner nature of grass fed beef also allows the taste of the meat to shine through. At PRE, you get a great eating experience every time because of all of the criteria we require before a cut can be branded PRE. Every single aspect affects the quality of the meat. We work with several farmer groups around the world who can meet these tight quality specifications consistently throughout the year. This allows for our product to not only be more flavorful than corn fed beef, but also uniquely flavorful and tender compared to other grass fed beef.

What is the difference between grass fed beef, 100% grass fed and grass fed & finished?

Answer: Great question. There are a number of different ways that cattle’s diet is classified. In 2016, the USDA passed legislation that withdrew the “grass fed” claim standard so it is very important that shoppers educate themselves on the various definitions. It’s also important to realize that with no USDA standard, it’s important to buy beef from a brand you know and trust. At PRE, we are 100% transparent in everything we do so you can trust our products. - 100% grass fed & grass finished: These two terms are interchangeable and the truest definition of grass fed. These terms mean that except for milk from its mother after birth, the cattle eat only grass for the entire lives. Corn or silage are never used. A grass only diet is best for cattle as their digestive system is not built to process any other forms of food and foreign food (like corn) can cause digestive upset. - Grass fed: If the label reads only “grass fed” (not 100% grass fed) then there is high likelihood that the animal was fed grass for only the first portion of their life and then transitioned to corn. Feeding corn fattens the animal faster which allows them to sell the animal sooner to make more money. Feedlots are used to fatten animals quickly with the least amount of land and resources possibly which increases profit.

Is all grass-fed beef the same?

Answer: At PRE, we believe that all grass fed beef is not created equal. In the same way wine quality varies depending on the soil quality, the taste of beef varies based on grass quality. At PRE, we source our beef from the countries with the best pasture land on Earth. Through our Taste Standard selection process, we ensure only tender, flavorful, and safer beef has the PRE name.

What kind of grass do the Cattle eat?

Answer: Our animals eat unlimited rye grass and clover.

What does pasture raised mean?

Answer: Pasture raised has more to do with environment than diet. The term pasture raised implies the cattle are frolicking outside in their natural habitat, not indoors, and certainly not confined in feedlots. Pasture raised cattle enjoy the capability to roam in their natural environment but this doesn’t guarantee that they’ve enjoyed a 100% natural, grass fed diet. It is important to make this distinction because PRE cattle are both pasture raised and grass fed which accounts for our high quality products.

Is PRE gluten free?

Answer: Yes. All beef is gluten free

Is your packaging BPA Free?

Answer: Yes, our packaging is 100% BPA Free. Additionally, our products do not use any gasses to artificially extend shelf life, which is a common practice in the meat industry.

What does vacuum sealed packaging mean?

Answer: This is a type of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. This method involves placing our beef in a plastic film package, removing all of the air from inside, and sealing the package. Oxygen is the enemy of keeping food fresh. Since our packaging has all the air removed, it provides a longer shelf life naturally which give you more flexibility for meal planning. Our packaging does not use any gasses to artificially extend shelf life.

Is your packaging freezer ready?

Answer: Yes. Because of our vacuum seal, you can place our product directly in the freezer and easily defrost in the package as well. The best way to defrost to preserve the flavor and texture of our steak is the quick method: place in a bath of cool water for about 20-30 minutes. Of course you can also defrost in your refrigerator.

Why does the meat look dark purple/red in the package?

Answer: The color you see in the package is a deeper red color because no oxygen is present and because of the richer nutrient profile. Once the package is opened and the beef is exposed to air, the color will change to a brighter red.

If you have a burning question, visit our FAQs section – you may find your answer. If you don’t find the answer, contact usWe are here to answer any of your beef or cooking questions.

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