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The snack world can be a real Junk food Jungle with sneaky ingredients camouflaged as sweet and harmless.

At TigerMama, there’s nothing hidden. Using all natural tigernuts, we’ve cracked the code. With this deliciously sweet subtle flavor and amazing macronutrients, it’s the perfect sweet superhero that kicks our cookies from yum—to—craveworthy!

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About the Brand

Created by a mom who loves the yummy stuff but grew sick (literally) of the crummy stuff in the cookie aisle. Her young son and her own autoimmune issues led her to the kitchen, testing and tasting every combination of natural healthy ingredients to make an irresistible cookie.

What started out as a pursuit for her own family became a cookie so wildly delicious that anyone could enjoy it without the guilt. Leave it to a TigerMama to lead us safely from the Junk Food Jungle.


What are tigernuts?
  • Tigernuts aren’t actually nuts! They're tiny tubers with a sweet, nutty flavor, chewy texture, and slight crunch.
Are TigerMamas products gluten and dairy-free?
  • TigerMamas products are paleo, keto, and 100% free from: gluten, grains, dairy, soy, eggs, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors, and GMOs.
Are TigerMamas products nut-free?
  • Our products are not nut-free. They contain coconut—a tree nut. Keep an eye out for a completely nut-free TigerMamas product coming soon!
What is the Autoimmune Protocol?
  • The Automimmune Protocol, or AIP, focuses on removing potential triggers of inflammation and autoimmune symptoms. The list of items to avoid include: dairy, nightshades, grains and legumes, refined sugar, nuts and seeds, alcohol and caffeine, eggs, vegetable oils, certain spices (like black pepper, chili powder, and cayenne pepper), processed meats, MSGs, and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.
How is TigerMamas collagen/gelatin sourced?
  • Our collagen is sourced directly from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in Brazil.
Do any of my local stores carry your product?
  • At the moment, TigerMamas can only be ordered online through our website.