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Aussie Bodies

For nearly 30 years it’s been our mission to make nutrition easier so that all people can pursue good health without compromise.

We do this by delivering great-tasting products that provide real benefits through the perfect balance of macronutrients and functional ingredients. Our dedicated team brings together the latest research and nutritional ingredients to deliver products that not only satisfy the taste buds but also provide real benefits that nourish. Our range of delicious, healthy snacks, protein powders, and boosters has been passionately crafted by our team of expert nutritionists and food technologists.

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About the Brand

We believe that having a healthy snack should be a simple, uncomplicated pleasure. Being honest about snacking is behind everything we do. It’s in our ingredients, formulations and what we say on packaging. It’s why our bars are perfectly portioned with no added sugar and have just the right amount of protein to get you through your day. Because honestly, we do it for your health, our fun and our belief in supporting you on your wellness journey.

Being mindful is all about living in the present moment and being aware of what you’re thinking and feeling at important times. Mindful eating simply means being aware of, and enjoying, the food while you prepare and eat it. At Aussie Bodies, this is something we put into each of our products whether it be our Keto wafers or protein bars. We ensure that our customers are taken care of by incorporating the freshest ingredients, naturally sourced elements, and folding in a copious amount of protein all while preserving an amazing taste to be enjoyed any time.


Are Aussie Bodies Protein Bars safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding?
  • Aussie Bodies bars are safe to consume while pregnant. However, your first choice should always be whole foods as these provide the greatest amount of nutrients for you and your developing baby. We would recommend a maximum of one mini bar per day as part of healthy and balanced diet. These bars are not to be used as meal replacements and should only be consumed as a snack in between meals.
Are Aussie Bodies Bars suitable for diabetics?
  • Aussie Bodies could be suitable as a part of diabetic diet, however, it is best to speak with your health professional as it is important to make sure they are used as part of a healthy, balanced diet and within specific guidelines for the patients’ needs.
Are Aussie Bodies products gluten free?
  • Please refer to the individual product for allergen claims. These can be found on our product pages.
Where is the Whey Protein sourced from?
  • The whey protein used in Aussie Bodies products is sourced from New Zealand and Australian cows. The cows are predominantly grass fed, however, supplementary feed may be used if required.
Why should I discard a protein powder after 3 months?
  • We recommend consuming Aussie Bodies protein powders within 3 months of opening as the ingredients can come into contact with air and moisture, which may affect the products quality. We recommend you store protein powder in a cool dark place below 30 degrees celsius, and take care to protect it from exposure to moisture.
Are Aussie Bodies products suitable for vegetarians?
  • Here is a list of Aussie Bodies products suitable for vegetarians: Protein Powders – Perfect Protein – 100% Whey Bars – Lo Carb Bars 30 and 60g sizes – all flavours except Rocky Road – Protein FX Super 85g – Protein FX Energy 65g – Lo Carb Crunch – all flavours except Rocky Road Protein Drinks – Protein Revival – Low Carb