Irvins by Cocoba Pte Inc.

Irvins Varieety Pack

Irvins by Cocoba Pte Inc.

Irvins started with a small restaurant and has now expanded globally with their traditional flavors and delicious snacks.

Hand selected ingredients are incorporated into their products and real duck egg yolk is salt-brined for 30 days and steamed into a savory crumble. They are crafted into small batches to ensure quality in everything they do. With no wheat flour, no binders, and 100% natural their snacks are truly explosive!

About the Brand

It all started back in 2009 when Irvin Gunawan opened his first restaurant in Singapore, which was known for its signature salted egg crab dish. As he started to experiment with snacks by combining his salted egg sauce with potato chips and fish skin, Irvins was created and launched in 2016.

In just one year, Irvins rapidly expanded to overseas and has grown to be an iconic global brand that now operates in 12 markets. These popular snacks are now in popular supermarkets and convenience stores around the world. Now, they’ve expanded even further and now work with Nissin to create salted egg instant noodles.

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Cocoba Irvins Founders

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What is the shelf life of Irvins snacks?

The Shelf life for their snacks range from 7-12 months. They recommend consuming Irvins snacks within 1 week after opening.

Are their snacks vegan or vegetarian?

No, they contain salted egg and milk.

Are their snacks gluten free?

No, they contain wheat.

What is “hot boom”?

Hot boom refers to their spicy version of their salted egg snacks.

What is salted egg?

Salted egg is the main ingredient in their premium homestyle recipe. They use high quality salted duck egg yolk which is considered a Chinese specialty.

Do they sell Irvins snacks individually?

Right now they only sell bundles on but purchasing individual pouches can be found in stores.


Cocoba Irvins Salted Egg Salmon Skin Keto Friendly


Irvins is great as a health snack for on the go.

Cocoba Irvins Salted Cassava Chips (1)


Irvins salted egg salmon skin is keto friendly!

Cocoba Irvins Salted Fish Skins


There’s nothing quite like it.

Cocoba Irvins Spicy Salted Egg Cassava Chips


A variety of flavors to enjoy and choose from.

Cocoba Irvins Salted Salmon Skin


This is a perfect snack for anywhere, anytime.

Cocoba Irvins Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin


A great health conscious alternative!