Natural Sins: The Un-potato Chip

Costa Rica with Big Plans

Our belief is that once you get a taste of our native fruits, unique process and Costa Rican way of doing things, you’ll jump ship from your usual chip. Perhaps, once and for all.

Pura Vida Inside

Often coined the “Happiest Country on Earth,” Costa Rica is one of the most remarkable places in the world. We embrace each glorious day with open arms, take incredible pride in where we live and maximize every ounce of our country’s perfection. So when we’re not surfing our oceans and exploring our jungles (often in the same day), we’re busy handcrafting that one-of-a-kind crunch you find in each bag of Natural Sins.

Our Way of Doing Things

We certainly didn’t think we could waltz in and steal a few potato chip fans along the way without having a pretty spectacular chip to share with the rest of the world. It starts with our fruits and veggies. We scale volcanoes hunting for pineapples in their skirts, climb atop wild coconut trees to find the perfect fruit and wield our machetes through the jungle searching for two-pound mangoes.

Once we’ve found fruits and veggies worthy of Natural Sins, we hand slice them a ¼ mm thick, sprinkle each batch with pure cane sugar and bake them low and slow. When you tear into one of our hand-packed bags, you bite into crispy slices of whole fruit. What follows is jaw-dropping wonderment that awakens all five senses and tastes like no other chip on earth.

Crispy Mango Thins

You’ve eaten “dried” mangoes. But have you ever tasted a Costa Rica grown mango, sliced so thin you can almost see through it, baked until it’s crispy, crunchy and, okay, craveable? Well, this’ll be a first. But once you try our delightfully crispy snack, we’re betting it won’t be your last.

Crispy Pineapple Thins

Ever eaten a whole pineapple, core, rind and all? “No way,” you say. “Yes way,” we say. Because when you slice Costa Rican pineapples downs to the millimeter and bake ‘em low and slow, you get the perfect slice of the whole gorgeous fruit. It’s impossibly thin and delightfully crispy.

Crispy Coconut Thins

We crave crispy, crunchy, but what comes along generally qualifies as junk food. But not this–crispy, crunch wild coconuts from Costa Rica, hand selected, sliced and baked right in our home country. As a snack or with a meal, they’re impossibly thin and delightfully crispy.

Crispy Beetroot Thins

Beets are so good for you, but chips are so good tasting. What’s a snacker to do? Eat the best of both–we start with Costa Rica grown mountain beets, slice them nearly paper thin and bake them to crispy perfection. Taste…yum…all the crunch of a potato chip without a crumb of regret.

Crispy Apple Chips

Info coming soon!

Crispy Orange Chips

Info coming soon!

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Andrés Dominguez & Ivan Sosa, Founders of Natural Sins

At Natural Sins we are dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of healthy food products where high quality, freshness and innovation are the common denominators. Each person in Natural Sins has a strong commitment to society and responds to the impact of their actions to the company, environment and society.

Our products and services will be best in class in terms of value received for dollars paid. It will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. Our employees are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of their work, fulfilling commitments as responsible citizens and employees promoting team building and knowledge sharing in a constant search for excellence and in order to achieve common goals, and has a proactive approach to the generation of new technologies and new products and we encourage the willingness to learn, manage, and disseminate knowledge.

We are dedicated to satisfying its customers. We believes in respecting customers, listening to their requests, and understanding their expectations while striving to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery, focusing on providing excellence in customer service along the entire supply chain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bake up the most perfect Costa Rican fruit and vegetable chips so they burst with flavor, indulge all five senses and satisfy that undeniable craving for snack chips.

Changing how the World Snacks

Why switch from the famed potato chip? There are only two ingredients in every bag of Natural Sins, so each chip is full of incredible flavor and is more nutritious than the average snack. This full-sensory snacking sensation crunches like a chip without a crumb of regret.

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Where is Natural Sins located?

Answer: Natural Sins is located in Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica. Here, we handcraft our chips from start to finish in the land of Pura Vida. We’re proud of our certification as a Costa Rican country brand: Esencial Costa Rica. Our corporate office in Miami, Florida handles the commercialization of our products outside of Costa Rica.

When was Natural Sins founded?

Answer: We started Natural Sins in October 2010 and hit the market in Costa Rica with our first batch of chips in September, 2011 after several months of research and development.

What is Natural Sins’ mission?

Answer: Every move we make as a company is about making healthy snacks with the purest ingredients and abundant flavor. Our focus on quality, freshness and innovation is what drives us to push for perfection each and every time.

What are the different types of processes used to dehydrate fruit?

Answer: Osmotic Dehydration: produced by submerging fruits in large sugar concentrations (glazed fruit). It results in a dark color and a sweet taste. Solar Dehydration: the product is exposed to the sun for long periods of time in order to progressively extract water from the fruit. It results in a dark and chewy fruit. Lyophilization (freeze-drying): fruits are frozen and undergo a vacuum process in order to extract frozen water from the fruit, resulting in a colorless and powdery-texture. Oven-Baked: fruits are dried with hot air at low temperatures in conventional ovens. Fried: similar to the process used for making French fries, fruits are submerged in oil and cooked for crisp

What fruit dehydration process does natural sins use?

Answer: We use a combination of two processes, then add our own proprietary technology to create thin, crispy slices of whole fruit.

What are the ingredients contained in natural sins products?

Answer: Our products contain just two ingredients–fresh fruits or vegetables and a sprinkle of cane sugar. There are no preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavors.

How many calories do our products have?

Answer: Our products have less than 100 calories per bag, except for the Crispy Coconut Chips, which have 168 calories.

Do they contain fat or sodium?

Answer: All of our products are sodium and fat free, except for the Crispy Coconut Thins, which contain the natural fat of the fresh coconut fruit.

Does Natural Sins use sugar that is 100% natural?

Answer: We use 100% all-natural certified cane sugar. Our sugar doesn’t undergo any chemical transformation during our production process.

Are Natural Sins products gluten-free?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are naturally gluten-free.

Does Natural Sins use preservatives, chemicals or artificial colorings?

Answer: All of our products are 100% natural, meaning there are no preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavors added.

Are Natural Sins products kosher?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Are Natural Sins products free from genetically modified organisms (gmo)?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Are Natural Sins products vegan?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are certified Vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. This means none of our products contain animal ingredients or any animal byproducts.

Are Natural Sins products Paleo Friendly?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are certified Paleo Friendly by the Paleo Foundation, which means they meet the Paleo Diet standards.

What’s the shelf life of Natural Sins products?

Answer: Our products have a 14-month shelf life from the manufacturing date.

Are all the fruits and vegetables used by Natural Sins grown in Costa Rica?

Answer: Our pineapples, mangos, beets and coconuts are grown in Costa Rica. We get our apples and oranges from Spain, Peru, Chile or the United States, depending on the season.

Why can’t you see the product through the bag?

Answer: We don’t use see-through bags in order to protect Natural Sins from light and humidity, which keeps our products fresher longer.

Once the bag is opened, how long does the product stay fresh?

Answer: Thanks to our re-sealable bag, our products can last several days depending where the product is stored. Ideally, you should eat Natural Sins soon after opening.

What makes Natural Sins products so different?

Answer: Our production process preserves the shape, color and smell of the fresh fruit or vegetable our products are made from. Factor in our exceptional crispiness, low calories and high fiber, Natural Sins is a healthier, more flavorful choice compared to other snack chips.

Which countries do we export to?

Answer: We export our products to three countries: the United States, Canada and Peru.

Which manufacturing process certifications have been obtained by Natural Sins?

Answer: Natural Sins has been certified by the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) for the processing of dehydration of fruit and vegetable snacks; such certification includes the HACCP and the ISO 22000 with a special focus on Bioterrorism control.

Has Natural Sins been awarded any accolades or acknowledgements?

Answer: Natural Sins was acknowledged by PROCOMER (Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica) as the most innovative company in Costa Rica’s food industry, winning an award during the 2012 BTM Awards. Additionally, it was nominated by CADEXCO (Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters) for the 2012 Export Effort (Esfuerzo Exportador) award and was awarded the PYME Exportadora by the MEIC (Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio) in the small company category. Our biggest achievement has been our success in the competition “La Idea Business Pitch Competition” in Miami in December 2013, taking first place among more than 850 competitors from Latin America. In November 2014, Natural Sins received a Success Stories Award for its Entrepreneurial Excellence from the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund.

Which sections of the supermarket can you find Natural Sins products?

Answer: Look for our products in the healthy snacks aisle or in the produce sections. Happy snacking!

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