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Organic Nuna

Organic Nuna’s mission is to be your trusted source for great tasting 100% organic, always and only, protein that you and your family can feel great about enjoying.

At the heart of our core values is a commitment to caring for the entire scope of the food chain, which encompasses the wholesomeness of our products, the humane treatment of animals, and sustainable practices that are optimal for the land and the environment.

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About the Brand

What is natural? At Organic Nuna we believe the only thing we can truly call “natural” is, Organic. The government is many years away from defining what natural is, meantime companies selling both “natural” and organic products – often create confusion with consumers thinking they are eating organic all the time. We aim to have a clear and truthful approach and believe that clarity and simplicity is essential, that is why we are committed to being 100% Organic, Always and Only.

Our simple, high quality ingredients and balance of flavours come together in what we believe to be the best tasting deli meat, cheese and pure protein available anywhere. We value the taste that prevails when only the highest quality ingredients are used from our organic farms. From the whole breast turkey meat that never contains grinds or fillers to the grass fed organic milk we use for our cheese which is farmstead produced; we take no shortcuts with our ingredients and our production takes a bit longer because its artisan produced. This attention to quality and details are why we taste better. We believe when it comes to what we eat – less is more, that’s why we are committed to 5 or less ingredients in all our products. You can pronounce all our ingredients and find them in your pantry at home.


Do your products contain any GMO's?
  • Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. By USDA standards, the use of GMO’s is prohibited in organic products. This means that our meat is raised on GMO-free certified organic land and is fed a non-GMO, completely organic diet.
What is the difference between a "natural" product and an organic product?
  • While the ability to term a product “natural” by USDA labeling requirements is met by the end product being minimally processed and containing no artificial ingredients, the organic certification is much more thorough and clearly defined. “Natural” says nothing about the farm practices or how an animal is raised. Organic, on the other hand, ensures that the land is certified organic, animal welfare standards are enforced, and that a product is completely free of antibiotics and hormones, as well as being raised on a more sustainable, non-GMO, fully organic diet. This distinction is why we have chosen to maintain a completely organic line of products.
What is carrageenan and why do you leave it out of your deli products?
  • Carrageenan is a seaweed extract that is used in some deli meat products and serves to control the texture and acts as a water-holding ingredient. Although it is an approved ingredient under the USDA’s organic standards, we believe that it is not only unnecessary, but recent research shows that it may adversely affect gastrointestinal health. In comparison to deli meats that use water holding ingredients, our product contains more actual meat per ounce.
How is it optimal to serve Organic Nuna deli meats and cheese?
  • Because we have the purest and unadulterated recipe in the USA, the texture is most similar to Thanksgiving turkey. Therefore it is best to separate our presliced product, with a knife and allow it to sit out of refrigeration for a few minutes before serving.
Why is Organic Nuna better than the rest?
  • Chefs and those in the culinary community tell us they prefer our purity in taste and texture over the industry standard of highly processed gelatinous, water-absorbent, Spam-like mystery meat profile that is essentially “deli loaf” called turkey breast, which their accountants love for the “better yield”. Avoiding all that science and getting as close as we could to our grandmothers’ holiday recipe is a big part of our mission and is what has allowed us to be the first Paleo certificated deli meat in the country. As we know, eating the best is always worth a little extra effort, think cork vs twist off, crockpot wine, etc.