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Wholesome Sweetener

We only produce and use real and recognizable ingredients. Nothing artificial. Our organic growing practices ensure that every drop, spoonful and snack tastes as it should.

Our ingredients are organic, natural, and “free-from” many unsavory ingredients because we believe in a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. We produce quality, great tasting ingredients and products and are passionate about real alternatives for you and our planet. We care for you, our farmers and suppliers, and for our planet through Fair Trade and empowerment initiatives.

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About the Brand

In 2001, we committed to this simple promise. And we’ve been pouring our hearts into it ever since—making organic, better-for-you products that sweeten moments for you as they sweeten lives for others. The result? Wholesome sugars, honeys and treats that are more than delicious—they’re mindfully delicious. Here’s how we deliver on our promise to you.

We believe in giving you better choices. All of our products are non-GMO and free from harmful additives. And we are committed to creating even more gluten-free, allergy-friendly and better-for-you options that don’t sacrifice taste. We couldn’t bring you mindfully delicious treats without our farmers and beekeepers. So we worked to ensure they get a fair price for their crops and pioneered sustainably grown and responsibly harvested standards for sugar and honey. Some consider this Fair Trade. We simply consider it fair. Because it truly empowers our partners with life-changing resources to help their communities—from building schools for kids to making sure families can get the medical care they need. Real taste. Better-for-you choices. A more responsible way of working. These are the things that make our products mindfully delicious. Join us to make life a little sweeter for all.


Does Wholesome! Organic Stevia Help You Lose Weight?
  • When used as part of a balanced diet and exercise regimen Wholesome! Organic Stevia may help you lose weight because it contains no calories.
Are There Recipes That Call For Wholesome! Organic Stevia On Your Website?
  • Yes. We have some delicious recipes that use Organic Stevia. Organic Stevia recipes can be found on our website.
Does Wholesome! Zero Pass Through Your Body Without Being Absorbed?
  • Wholesome! Zero is made up of very small molecules … it is not metabolized, but is absorbed by the kidneys and nearly 96% of it passes through unchanged, the remaining 4% passes through the lower intestine also unchanged. So really, it sweetens gently then goes completely away.
How Much Sugar Does It Take To Make 1 Pound Of Zero?
  • It takes about 2 pounds of sugar to produce 1 pound of Wholesome! Zero.
Is Wholesome! Organic Stevia Kosher?
  • Yes. Wholesome! Organic Stevia is Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. It is also USDA Organically Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-free and Vegan.
How Is Organic Stevia Zero Calories If You Add Inulin?
  • Technically, Agave Inulin does have a caloric value, as it is a dietary fiber and as such, our bodies can’t metabolize it. It passes through our stomach and into our large intestine. The Inulin has the added benefit of acting as a prebiotic in the intestine.

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