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Can the Keto Diet Help With Fertility?

The ketogenic diet has become a popular dietary approach known for its potential

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Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

  The paleo diet, inspired by the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors,

Keto Claims on Products in Canada

Keto Claims on Products in Canada

Some sections of Canada´s food labeling laws seemingly prohibit the labeling or advertising of Keto claims on products in Canada and for certain foods destined for the Keto Diet or other low-carb diets.

Keto Claims on Products in Mexico

Keto Claims on Products in Mexico

For health food brands that operate within the Keto diet niche, the lack of prohibitions related to mentioning the Keto diet or “low-carb claims” on packaging offers an opportunity to directly connect with a growing segment of the consumer base who is interested in losing weight and eating a healthier diet. Though there may be a few challenges related to threshold values as they pertain to total fat values, most health food and Keto food brands should find they are below those values or otherwise exempted from the warning label requirements.

El Etiquetado de Productos Keto en México

Para las marcas de alimentos saludables que operan dentro del nicho de la dieta Keto, la falta de prohibiciones relacionadas con la mención de la dieta Keto o las “afirmaciones bajas en carbohidratos” en los envases ofrece la oportunidad de conectarse directamente con un segmento creciente de la base de consumidores que está interesada en perder peso y comer una dieta más saludable

Regulations of Keto claims on products in Argentina

Rules and Regulations of Keto Claims on Products in Argentina

None of the relevant food labeling laws and legislation in Argentina specifically mention the word Keto, nor do they specifically regulate against the use of low-carb claims on food packaging. However, the recently passed frontal labeling law could impair certain food companies that market high-fat products in the Argentinian market.

Etiquetado de Productos Keto en Argentina

El Etiquetado de Productos Keto en Argentina

Ninguna de las leyes o legislaciones de etiquetado de alimentos relevantes en Argentina mencionan específicamente la palabra Keto, ni regulan específicamente contra el uso de declaraciones de bajo contenido de carbohidratos en los envases de alimentos.

Keto rules and regulations in Australia

Keto Rules and and Regulations in Australia

In Australia, there is no established official “Keto” or “Low-Carb” food classification by the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand). The Keto rules and regulations in Australia and other food standards do not mention the word Keto, nor do they specifically mention low-carb claims.

Cognitive Biases

Cognitive Biases and Statistical Analyses on Low Carb Diets

As with any nutritional program, objective statistical evidence analyzed from an unbiased, scientific perspective is essential in determining the diet’s potential health benefits and detriments.

Keto diet

Keto Diet Market Growth Forecasts for 2021-2024

We take an in-depth look at the specific, emerging consumer values that are driving the continued and sustained popularity of the keto diet. This analysis will help businesses within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, specifically within the health food and low carb sectors, better position their brands to align with the emerging consumer values driving the growth and popularity of Keto.