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pregnant woman holding her belly with keto food around her

Can the Keto Diet Help With Fertility?

The ketogenic diet has become a popular dietary approach known for its potential

paleo diet written in chalkboard with fruits, vegetables, meats, and nuts around it

Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

  The paleo diet, inspired by the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors,

gut microbiome research

Gut Microbiome Research and the Health Food Industry

“Probiotics are going to play definitely an increasing role as we learn more about them,” Vuyisich says. “There’s unlimited amount of knowledge that that is out there and we’re just scratching the surface. And so the revolution has begun. I would like to ask everyone to contribute to this revolution in order to enable people to live healthier lives.” 

Gut microbiome

Therapeutic Tools for Gut Microbiome Health

The health of your gut microbiome is linked to all different sorts of positive health outcomes. Today, there are emerging therapeutic tools that can help people better protect and enhance the health of their gut.

Nutrient-dense food

Bigger, Brighter, Blemish-Free, and No Nutrient Density

Nutrient density in food items we eat is an extremely important issue that is beginning to pop up on the radars of consumers around the country.

Why pregnant women eat dirt geophagy

Why Pregnant Women Eat Dirt: Benefits Of Geophagy

As a child, most of us at some time or another probably made

Itraconazole, An Affordable Treatment for COVID-19?

Itraconazole: An Affordable Treatment for COVID-19?

I spend most of my time reading studies and textbooks on diets, ingredients,

Orthorexia is Bullshit

Orthorexia is Bullshit. Or is it?

Many from within the Paleo Community and other communities as well have declared

healing leaky gut

10 Tips for Healing Leaky Gut

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition by which the lining of the

propolis spray review

Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray Review

What is propolis? Propolis has been used medicinally since at least 350 B.C.,