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Crispy Boar Belly with Plum Sauce

My Boo Bear and I just celebrated our birthdays two weeks ago. I

Paleo Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes are my jam. These paleo blueberry pancakes are the perfect way to

Paleo Tuna Cake Fettuccine - Unlike your traditional Cajun foods, this recipe is appetizing, light, and refreshing. It is the perfect summer pasta dish. #paleo #certifiedpaleo

Tuna Cake Fettuccine

You reach out and grasp the cold metal handle. As you slowly open

Paleo Smoked Peach Brown Butter Frozen Custard

Smoked Peach Brown Butter Frozen Custard

The smell of sulfur and colorful smoke immerses the air. The sound of

Paleo Summer Lamb Salad

Summer Lamb Salad on “Toast”

I just realized that we just had our first anniversary here at Between

Lavender Berry Bumble - A fusion of a shortbread, a buckle and a crumble. #paleo #certifiedpaleo

Lavender Berry Bumble

“I’m your huckleberry,” is one of the most iconic lines in the movie

Paleo Lamb Kabob Gyros

Lamb Kabob Gyros

Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! That’s the sound of exchanging a gold

Paleo Chino Sandwich

Chino Sandwich (Paleo)

Have you ever seen the movie Chef? Have you seen the movie Burnt?

Cherry Bomb Galette - A sweet, sour cherry galette with a hint of sweet basil. Sweet basil and cherries? The flavor profile actually pairs really well with one another. Sweet, yet savory notes. #paleo #certifiedpaleo

Cherry Bomb Galette

Holy guacamole! Is it already June? We are almost half way through 2016.

Paleo Carnitas Recipe Paleo Tacos

Carnitas Kabob Tacos

Where is it? I swore I set it right there! Where is it!?