Paleo Cream Soda

Paleo Cream Soda

Paleo Cream Soda

After going Paleo we got rid of all juices and sodas in the house.

Our beverages now consist of water, sparkling water, coconut water and lemon water….you get the idea. So I was blown away when my husband handed me this frothy and bubbly drink that tasted so much like a cream soda. Thank goodness for his inventive imagination.

I have always been a fan of cream soda but not a fan of the sugary sweetness or chemicals in store-bought brands. His version was made with full-fat coconut milk, sparkling water and a bit of maple syrup. You can add additional flavor with a squeeze of lime or use banana to sweeten it by blending half a banana with the coconut milk before adding the sparkling water.

Ingredients: Makes 2 Servings

•  1 cup of Sparkling Water

•  1/2 cup of full Fat Coconut Milk

•  1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of Grade B Maple Syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)

Optional: top off your soda with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cardamom powder, or add strawberries


1) Mix the maple syrup into the coconut milk first with a spoon

2) Top off with sparkling water and a sprinkle of cardamom

Enjoy your guilt free, Paleo friendly, cream soda.



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  1. Definitely will have to try this soon! I was just lamenting two days ago about missing cream soda which used to be my favorite soda! Thanks for the recipe!

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