Paleo Sushi Recipe

Paleo Sushi Recipe

Paleo Sushi Recipe

Many people think eating healthy means giving up their favorite foods. I disagree.

I’m not a big fan of deprivation, and  I’ll want something more if I can’t have it. So my secret to staving off Paleo deprivation is making grain-free versions of my favorite foods. And nothing gets me as excited as eating sushi.

Too bad sushi rice is full of sugar and sweet wine. And I’ve read that U.S. grown rice has trace amounts of arsenic. No thank you. My sushi rolls are made like the real thing, but use cruciferous, cancer-fighting veggies instead of rice.

DIY sushi is not as hard as you think. You simply need a cheese grater or food processor to rice the cauliflower and a bamboo mat to roll the sushi. If you’re really serious, you can pickle your own ginger or grate your own wasabi (which you can find at most Asian grocery stores). Store bought brands of sushi condiments always slip in crazy chemicals and food colorings, which takes the fun out of it for me.

Ask for sushi-grade fish at your local fish market/counter and if they don’t have it you can use cooked crab or sugar-free, smoked salmon instead.



Paleo Sushi Ingredients

Nori sushi sheets

A head of cauliflower “riced”

Sushi grade salmon, tuna or canned crab

Avocado, cucumber or carrots cut into matchsticks

Coconut aminos to dip the sushi into



Food processor or cheese grater to turn cauliflower into rice

Bamboo sushi mat, to help roll the sushi.



1) First rice the cauliflower by grating it or cutting into pieces and putting into a food processor until you get a finely shredded rice-like consistency. Throw the rice in a pan with a little bit of water and saute until the cauliflower has softened and becomes a bit sticky. You can sprinkle some salt to the cauliflower to bring out it’s flavor.

2) Lay out the sushi nori sheet on the bamboo mat and spread a thin layer of cauliflower rice on it. Leave the edges free of “rice”.

3) Add fish and veggies to only one side of the roll, being carefully not to add too much. Season the inside with cayenne pepper if you like your sushi spicy. Or add a sauce made from mixing hot peppers and Paleo mayo.

4) Use the bamboo mat to roll up the sheet like a tiny rug. Slice the sushi log into 6 pieces to 8 pieces and enjoy! Campai!





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