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Psychology behind Food Certification Labels

Psychology of Food Certification Labels

Eating is one of the most basic human activities. For our ancestors, securing a stable and secure food supply was a constant struggle and a defining aspect of their cultural and behavioral patterns. Hunter and gatherer populations developed entire ways of life centered on following the migratory routes of animals that they depended on for…
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How to get your product into ralphs grocery store supermarket

How to Get Your Product into Ralph’s Grocery Stores

The average American family, according to the USDA, spends almost 10 percent of their annual income on food. While dinner for four at an expensive restaurant can easily cost you in the triple digits, the majority of food expenses come from grocery store visits. Another estimate finds that a family of four will spend anywhere between $712 and…
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Does Giving Away Product Samples Increase Sales?

Winston Churchill once said that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” While that ethic certainly is vital for the cultivation of healthy relationships that lead to a fulfilling life, giving can also play an essential part in the financial success of a business. In…
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Six Scientifically-Validated Principles of Persuasion

6 Scientifically-Validated Principles of Persuasion that are Vital To Business Success

In our increasingly overloaded lives, we are bombarded with advertisements, sales pitches, commercials, and noise. Now, more than ever before in history, do we find that we need mental shortcuts, or rules-of-thumb to help guide our decision-making processes in an endless sea of choices. For decades, researchers have been studying these mental shortcuts that have…
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How to get your keto product into costco

How to Get Keto Products into Costco

In a retail world absolutely dominated by the unheralded growth of Amazon and other e-commerce behemoths, Costco is one of the few brick-and-mortar retail outlets that continue to show robust growth.  Some people mistakenly equate Costco with nothing more than mega-packs of 96 toilet paper rolls and jumbo-size laundry detergent boxes that are really only…
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How to get your keto product into Target

How to get your Keto Product into Target

Every day, millions of people stroll through the aisles of Target Corporation, the 8th largest retail store in the United States. This Minnesota-based organization generated close to 72 billion dollars in revenue in 2018 in its 1,822 stores. Despite recent setbacks such as the closure of its Canadian-based stores, Target continues to show stable signs of…
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Top 4 Grocery Trends Driving the Keto Food and Beverage Industry in 2019

Top 4 Grocery Trends Driving the Keto Food and Beverage Industry

When most of us think about the industries that are driving economic growth, we probably think about the technology, electronics, and telecommunications sectors that seem to be omnipresent in today´s society. Even though 81 percent of Americans own a smartphone today, it would be safe to say that 100 percent of the American population has spent money…
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5 Tips on How to Create a Keto Food Brand

5 Tips on How to Create a Keto Food Brand that will Thrive

Take a walk down the aisle of any major supermarket and you’re  sure to discover that the layout of the available food items and products is significantly different than it was only a decade ago. While you can still find aisles completely dedicated to sugary cereals and canned soups, most supermarkets around the country are…
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3 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty for New Brands

There is a reason why nine out of every ten startup businesses and brands fail within their first few years of operation. Even after a successful capital raising campaign, an initial product development that captivated audiences, and a brand launching that brought people into your business, developing sound strategies to retain your customers is one…
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How to Find a Product Manufacturer for Your Keto Food Brand

Finding the Right Product Manufacturer for Your Keto Food Brand

A couple of years ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 to pretty big fanfare.  While Samsung was a respected and renowned technology brand that had millions of loyal customers around the globe, the launch of their new product has now become synonymous with one of the biggest technology product failures of all time.  Shortly…
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