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Steps for Starting a New Keto Food Brand

9 Steps to Starting a New Keto Food Brand

As more and more people begin to discover the health and lifestyle benefits that come with a low-carb and high fat diet, the Keto diet is primed for major growth in coming years.  According to one market analysis, the global ketogenic diet food market is forecasted to reach 12.35 billion dollars in 2024, and achieve…
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Best Keto Trade Shows for Keto Brands

The Top 6 Keto Trade Shows for Keto Brands

Best Keto Tradeshows for Keto Brands

Why Echo Chambers Are So Dangerous

The recently deceased scientist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, once said (via Twitter, appropriately), that “we are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”  What he didn’t mention, however, is what type of brain connected us all. One of the primary characteristics of autism, which is caused by a surplus of…
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Heuristics: Reducing Consumer Decision Friction

Heuristics: Reducing Consumer Decision Friction

Often, the under-appreciated advantage that successful brands and marketers have is an understanding of behavioral psychology. A critical facet of behavioral psychology is the study of heuristics. Think of a heuristic as a shortcut our brains use to make decision-making processes easier. Heuristic principles are cognitive biases that reduce decision friction— turning more extended decision-making…
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Is keto certification worth it?

Is Keto certification worth it?

As more and more household brands are opting to create keto products to meet consumer demand in the burgeoning high-competition keto market, more of these brands are showcasing their keto certification, or “Keto Certified” logo on their packaging.  This has led to many questions from other brands considering keto certification.  However, the most critical question…
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Top 5 ways food brands increase consumer confidence

Top 5 Ways Food Brands Can Increase Consumer Confidence

People Buy from Brands they trust.  If there is anything that should be the top priority of a brand owner, it is increasing consumer confidence with the consumers of your brand.  Recent studies by HuTrust found that when people trust a brand, 83% will recommend it to other people, 82% will use its products frequently,…
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keto certification for products

The Meaning of Keto Certification for Products and Who can do it?

In every process of marketing products, there is an issuer (the producer) and a receiver (the consumer). The people or organizations that are responsible for transporting the items from one point to another or selling them are known as intermediaries. However, within this process, there are other important elements that should be known and for…
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Product Differentiation

The Best Product Differentiation Strategy bar none

Brands know the quality of their products and the values of their brand in advance, but consumers do not.  While better quality, transparency, and trust signaling can increase sales and price points, brands must first communicate product differentiation well.  According to research, helping brands communicate product differentiation and increase brand trust is what third-party certification…
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third-party certification

Third-Party Certification Increases Brand Trust

According to Nielsen’s Global Health & Wellness Survey, 44% or nearly half of the people in the United States and Canada distrust what manufacturers claim on their food labels.  For this reason alone, it is apparent that food manufacturers would benefit from the increased trust in their products.  Luckily, that’s exactly what third-party certification organizations…
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trust increases sales

Trust Increases Sales

Every year, consumer trust in food products declines.  According to Nielsen’s Global Health & Wellness Survey, 44% — or nearly half of the people in the United States and Canada — distrust manufacturers claims on their food labels and packaging.  While this suggests broader issues with our food industry, savvy marketers leverage this distrust and…
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