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how to tell if you suffer from dietary dogmatic asshole complex

How to tell if you suffer from Dietary Dogmatic Asshole Complex (DDAC)

Do you or someone you know suffer from Dietary Dogmatic Asshole Complex (DDAC)?  Answer the following questions to find out if you suffer from DDAC, and what can be done to improve your relationships, health, and overall understanding of diet, science, and people:   •  Do you often give unsolicited advice about other people’s food choices? • …
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What if falling off the Paleo Wagon is a good thing?

That’s right, I said it.  I want us to consider what’s right about falling off the Paleo wagon and indulging. Aside from the small portion of the population that struggles with food addiction, perhaps we should consider that there’s nothing wrong with indulgence at all for the majority.  In fact, there are some pretty amazing…
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drunken monkey

Drunken Monkey History of Man: NSFW Proof Alcohol Is Paleo

Conventional wisdom and some forms of Paleo Diet puritanism often suggest that human consumption of alcohol began around 10,000 B.C. after the Neolithic Revolution when humans first began to harvest grains to produce it. However, this popular (and perhaps idealistically regurgitated) narrative may be completely legless. According to Wikipedia, the aptly named ‘Drunken Monkey Hypothesis’…
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5 Paleo Rules for the Holidays

The average person gains an average of a gazillion pounds during the Holiday Season, which can be a source of a lot of frustration for those who are hyper-focused on their weight and spend every ounce of willpower to “Just Say No” to each and every Paleo Cookie and Cake offered to them. Sounds like…
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Falling Off The Paleo Wagon

Sometimes we end up falling off the paleo wagon, and many of us beat ourselves up for it. The following is sage advice for someone who is feeling guilt or resentment towards themselves after having food that didn’t quite fit the Paleo Diet tenets: 1 – Nobody is perfect. Don’t beat yourself up for eating a cookie…
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foods to avoid on the paleo diet

Foods to Avoid on The Paleo Diet

As a follow up to the previous post which included a complete Paleo Diet food list, we have compiled a list of foods to avoid on the Paleo Diet as well. As the theory behind the Paleo Diet goes, foods from the post-agricultural, Neolithic Era are to be avoided while following this diet. As much…
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the paleo diet is bullshit

The Paleo Diet Is Bullshit

Many critics have claimed that “The Paleo Diet is bullshit ” while many Paleo Proponents claim “Nobody has adapted to a Post-Agricultural Diet”. The question is, who is right? If you ask me, the answer is neither. And if you are a firm ‘believer’ in evolution, you may come to the same conclusion. Allow me…
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Hope for the American Diet

Hope for The American Diet

This past Christmas Eve I was driving my parents from Washington D.C. To Atlanta, and at hour seven I must confess…I grabbed for my mom’s bag of Cheetos. As I reminded myself not to eat the entire bag, I remembered my mom’s previous comment, “Cheetos are my comfort food.” I looked at the damage I…
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Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo Disappointment

I’d like to share with you my disappointment with Michelle Tam and Henry Fong’s new cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo. If you decide to pick up a copy of Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong, you may have to be prepared for a big disappointment.  I say this because I…
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Is Kombucha Paleo?

As always, it depends on who you ask. Did caveman have kombucha? Probably Not. Could caveman have made kombucha with pre-agricultural revolution ingredients? Absolutely, Does that matter? Probably not. Just because our hunter-gatherer ancestors did or didn’t do something doesn’t make it inherently healthy, or unhealthy. What does matter is how that fits into our…
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