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Cleveland Kitchen Keto Certified Dressings

Cleveland Kitchen: Bringing Fermented Goodness to America

The diverse, cultural heritage of the United States is one of the resounding characteristics that makes the country unique. Throughout the past centuries, as migrants made their way towards the United States, many elderly grandmothers would carry with them, hidden in their suitcases, fermentation starters from their countries of origin. These specific mixes of fungal…
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5280 bars CBD bars

5280 Bars: Exponential Growth in the CBD Market

Starting a successful business, no matter what industry you are in, often hinges on accurately predicting market tendencies and establishing a foothold in a niche market before it becomes flooded with competitors. This can seem close to impossible in an economy and society which seems to change direction and focus on an almost daily basis.…
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Ryan Farr 4505 Meats Butcher Shop

Ryan Farr: 4505 Meats Resourcefulness of Whole Animal Agriculture

When we think about food waste, most people probably have images of old leftovers growing mold in our fridges, or a picky child whose half-full plate of food eventually gets thrown away. Consumer-level waste certainly plays a role in the enormous amount of food waste that enters landfills and contributes to around 6 percent of…
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Gus Klemos Unbun Foods

UNbun Foods: Meeting Keto Demands of Restaurants

The vast majority of health food brands market their unique line of product offerings directly to the consumer. The advent of major online retailers such as Amazon and Thrive Market, and the relative ease of setting up your own e-commerce platform, has allowed thousands of individuals and small companies to get a foothold in the…
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Angela Mavridis Tribalí Foods

Tribalí Foods

It’s not often that you hear of a 35-year vegetarian turning into the founder and CEO of one of the country’s leading meat produces. Angela Mavridis, however, breaks the mold when it comes to startup health food companies. Today, Tribalí Foods produces and distributes organic frozen burger patties of assorted creative flavors. They focus on…
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SeaSnax: The Entrepreneurial Art of Naiveté

For most people, seaweed might be considered an exotic food that is worth try during an outing to a highly-rated and recently opened Japanese sushi restaurant. The idea of chomping on seaweed snacks while watching a weekend movie at home, however, might seem like a bit of a stretch. For Jin Jun, the CEO and…
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Osso good bone broth meredith cochran

Osso Good Company: Taking the Time to Bring Bone Broth to Customers

Good food should take time to prepare. Unfortunately, most people today live hectic lives that leave them with little time to dedicate to food preparation. In past generations, at least one member of the family (admittedly, almost always women) would spend long hours laboring in the kitchen. The preparation of meals was a sacred and…
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Pili Hunters Founder Jason Thomas

Pili Hunters: Moving Beyond the Organic Label

According to one recent study, the majority of Americans, upwards of 84 percent, claim to buy organic food sometimes. Almost half of all consumers, or 45 percent, buy organic food at least once a month. The increasing consumer demand for healthier, more organic foodstuffs has certainly not been overlooked or ignored by the major food…
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Broken Arrow Ranch A Thriving Business Providing Needed Ecological Services

Broken Arrow Ranch: A Thriving Business Providing Needed Ecological Services

Hardly a day goes by without some new environmental crisis confirming our negative impact on the planet that we share. While most of our attention might be focused on the current COVID-19 pandemic, the reality of climate change, biodiversity loss, depletion of soils, global inequality, and dozens of other crises will certainly continue to affect…
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Beekeeper's Naturals Carly Stein

Beekeeper’s Naturals: Developing a Business around Sustainability Cause

A mission-driven business is defined as a “for-profit enterprise that incorporates a social purpose into its strategy and operations.” For many years, the hard bottom line of profit and maximizing shareholder value were the two principles guiding business decisions and goals. Today, however, more and more consumers are beginning to demand a better balance between…
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